Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My highlight for YEAR 2009

Summaries of the things that I manage to do when I'm 23 years old..

1) First on the list is of course me witnessing Manchester United
FC playing a friendly against Malaysia at Stadium Bukit Jalil. ( I didn't expect Malaysia to score 2 goals against MUFC, but I did expect MUFC and Michael Owen to bang in goals past our goalkeepers.


Shifted back to Petaling Jaya, my 'real' hometown on Dec 08. Though I stayed in Alor Star for years, I still love PJ. This is where I belong!! But of course..I will remember that Alor Star is the place where I learn to be a man!!!

3) Had my practical training at Johnson & Johnson. It exposed me
to the boring life as a manufacturing engineer. This training has a
big influence in my life, because I find myself not interested to be a manufacturing engineer after all...I'll graduate holding a Manufacturing Engineering with Management degree, but i don't care..Hopefully i made the right choice..I choose to go for my


Started my blog..REd Devil's Guardian..and later Jin-ie In The Bottle @ Initially, my intention was to gain some side income through blogging, but screw that! That doesn't matter to me anymore. Its all about the passion now!!


Visited Bali Island during my semester break
with course mates. ( Its been a wonderful experience for me. Bali is a beautiful place as well..


I purchased my second camera, Lumix DMC-TZ7. ( After best buddy owned one, I memang terpegun with how great TZ7 can be. Best buddy's advice before I bought my TZ7, "Your first step to your blogging career".

Don't be shocked after you googled on DMC-TZ7 and figure out its "kehebatan, keunggulan and kesempurnaan".

Monday, December 21, 2009

I spotted THEM at USM again..

Again!!!! Wild boars spotted in USM Engineering campus..hehe..and this time, I manage to
capture some clear pictures of them..All because of my Lumix DMC-TZ7 camera..

Unlike my previous photos, which some commented like crayon drawing ( Cis berani kau kutuk ku macam tu! This time..ambil kau..betapa clear those pictures.. ;p

(the bigger size one is the mother..I assume it..The other 3 were obviously the childs..confirm! )

(The people in charge didn't clear everything away during previous operation..leaving this happy family behind)

(All ran into the bushes after noticing that I captured their lovely photos..they were shy!!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to differentiate between an original and fake Nike Goods? - Part 1

Being a fanatic Nike consumer, I would like to share with everyone on how to differentiate between an original and fake Nike goods.

Judging alone by its outlook, one hardly can tell whether it is fake or original. Some might argue that looking at the price tells everything, which is true..but it is still not a strong indicator.

There are actually a lot of indicators to show us what makes an original Nike goods. Some of the points that I was about to share was given by peoples working with Nike.

1) Article Code - This is the most important among all. I repeat..This the key to differentiate a fake and original one. Take a closer look at the article codes at the tag and the one that sewed on the jersey. Both article codes should be the same.

The same goes for all Nike goods. Remember, the article codes at the tag should be the same with the ones on the good. Another example will be Nike shoes. The code found at the box should be the same with the code at the tag found inside the shoe.

There was no reason to argue "What if the Nike good have no tag on it, I can't compare the code". My answer would be ...ALL Nike goods should have tag with it. So a Nike goods with no tag..a fake one?....Maybe?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I just visited Island of Pornography!!...ewww

Just came back from Bali Island not so long ago. I found this island a very nice place to travel. I can't stop admiring the scenery in Bali. Bali are actually a safe place to travel.

This was because once we reached Bali, our tour included driver told us that Bali can be very dangerous. He even told us a story that a Japanese girl was raped and murdered brutally. That really turn our mood off. He's such a dick for doing so! I guess his purpose of telling that story was so that we will hire him along our 5 days in Bali (we hired another driver to tour with us even before we went there)

We visited several beautiful places in Bali and most of the places were crowded with tourists. You can't imagine the number of temples available in many.."jalan sampai 1 bulan pun tak boleh lawat semua"

I found 1 thing quite common among the souvenirs in Bali......a dick shape bottle opener/ key chain! WTF!..Some were so gigantic and black in colour..haha..I have 1 (free gift)..a small size key chain. I'm still wondering whether I should hang it on my bag. Some call Bali as Island of thanks to this artificial DICK!

Let me share with those who haven't been to Bali some place of interest there. hehe...

Pasar Seni Sukawati
Recommended by our driver that the goods sold here was the cheapest in Bali, BUT you still have to bargain to reduce the price by around 40%. (advice from driver..useful..huh). Souvenirs, bags, t-shirts and sarong can be found cheaply here.

Kintamani Volcano
Kintamani is beautifully seen at the daytime especially having fine weather. Mostly restaurant at Kintamani generally own very beautiful view where tourists can be merging into their lunch and meanwhile enjoying the panaroma. This volcano still active until now. Nice background to snap some photos.

Jimbaran Restaurant
A wonderful environment to have your dinner. Surrounded by candlelight, stars, and acoustic serenades your meal arrives. We can choose from simple local food, the freshest fish or 5-star luxury. It is also a popular sot for sunset. They served good foods that doesn't come cheap. You can even watch Bali traditional dances while dining..Phewww..

Taman Ayun
A place for Balinese to pray their god in their manifestation. What I love most is the scenery. Some of my friends mentioned that the photo looks fake, but it doesn't has any Photoshop touch up on it. Too good to be real.

Tanah Lot
No doubt, this is must visit place in Bali where you can enjoy spectacular view of sunset. Visiting Bali without coming to Tanah Lot is considered a failure. What unique about this temple was that it juts out to sea on a rocky background. Most visitor came to watch a glimpse of the romantic Tanah Lot sunsets.

Uluwatu Temple
Initially, this place looks creepy as we were told to remove our glasses, ear rings and keep an eyes on our bag..huh..sounds like someone was going to rob us..There's actually a lot of monkeys there....Naughty monkeys!

Once we reached the cliff top, I ignored everything..can't stop taking photos..A bit dangerous to stand there..250 feet above the waves lo..damn high..and no "pagar" around. Fall at your own risk!..huh..Look at video below>>>>

Dreamland Beach
I love this beach cause there's a lot of bitch..haha..Because it gives me the feeling of being in Hawaii..Too bad, we "berambus' 30 minutes later cause it was so so hot there! Watch below video...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Useful Blogging tips..extracted from Malaysia Top Bloggers

Wondering how you can be a top blogger?..Here are some of the tips offered by Malaysia Top Bloggers which I extracted from Project Alpha.

Of all those top bloggers, there are 3 bloggers which I admired the most, namely

Here comes the tips, first of all..

Tips by Kenny Sia,
a) Take pictures of yourself with cleavage. No doubt, this tip works! Horny men love it. For those who have no cleavage (man) creative, you can show your "bulu dada" like what Kenny Sia did. The picture below is just for illustration purposes.

b) Make sure you have signature facial expression. For the girls, normally they go for those innocent faces. Hehe..For the guys, go learn from Kenny Sia. I guess this tip is applicable to all.

c) Go to party where there are a lot celebrities and take pictures with them...Mmmm..this is easy..Just take your cell phone and snap a photo when you meet one and tag the celebrities in your post.

Look at the photo below..this dude taking a photo with Hannah Tan..She's lovely..He's not..haha

d) Swear a lot. Yes..this is considered a tip, since there is some blogger who wrote their blog so clean that you won't find a WTF in it..haha..What the Fuck am I talking...

WTF actually shows your emotion. You doesn't have to be angry to mention WTF. Take this for example, "WTF, that grand ma shows her cleavage in her blog as well..Swear a lot doesn't just restricted to WTF...Swear whatever you like..Fuck it, so hai..bla bla bla..

Tips by Beautifulnara,
a) Tulis apa saja yang you rasa menarik...Whatever shit you wanna mention, just post it..your life boring ke, Bf/Gf dump you ke, Baru makan itu/ini, apa-apa sajalah..

b) Jadikan blog anda lawak gile. Jokes a lot, insert stupid jokes..

c) Critic famous bloggers. This is actually the easiest way to be famous. Critic those blogger that you that they can notice you. When they did notice you, their followers will notice you as well..Sounds easy, try it!

From my opinion, this won't works..Famous blogger won't even mind what the shit you mention about them. Efforts are wasted.

d) Brand yourself/ Have your own identity. For example, whenever is mentioned..straight away I'll think of travelling. Nicolekiss is the travelling babe! Mentioned of provides celebrities gossip.

Use 'Tummy Tubs' to stop your baby crying. Proven it Works!

Special 'Tummy Tubs' are designed to make babies feel snug and secure.

Babies like to be confined, they are used to it. The tub provides the baby a foetal position and they feel so at home. It's particularly good if they're colicky.'

Because of the smaller surface area, the water in a Tummy Tub (which should initially be at body temperature) stays warm for much longer, so infants can stay in the tub for up to 15 minutes.

But then, one couldn't get away with just dunking their child into the mop bucket. It won't work.
That was because this is a Special Tummy Tubs!

It have a rounded shape that makes them more comfortable, and there's also an anti-skid rubber ring on the bottom to stop them from flying across the floor.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friend's car got stolen at Wangsa maju (hell)..

Remember my post on my friend's car (living in Setapak+ hell)...

guess what, this time..AGAIN it was his (best buddy) car who got stolen..WTF..semakin melampau those bastards at Setapak..

Months ago, those bastards smash his car's side window..and yesterday (31 Nov 2009).they stole his car..that was really the work of SOAB..

Already report to police, i hope bastards will be arrested. Screw them!!

If you guys notice a proton iswara with GREY COLOUR and #plate WKM 3277 on road pls kindly inform me.

Let us cooperate to teach those Setapak bastards a big farking lesson.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wild boars were spotted again even after the "'operasi""

Whoa...wild boars were still spotted in my campus even after people were hired to chase it away..that operasi halau bb hutan fail la..guess how many boars i 4..huh..the pictures captured were a bit blur..i took it from Jaya level 3, jauh tu..It was taken from Desasiswa Jaya, block 6 wing B..

15 nov 09, at 3.54pm..the mother of wild boars came out from bushes. I guess its a mom cos its size is big..and cause later her son and daughter ran out also..

After few minutes, one of the young boar appears from the was so cute..haha..its size, its shape, its behaviour..hehe

Mom and young boar digging the land..that looks funny..cause they look like "'hantuk'" their head to the ground.

Moments later, another young boar ran out from the bushes..just like fast..running here and there..looks happy though,

Another young boar appears minutes wild boars spotted to be 4..that's a lot..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

DPM didn't show good example!!..Embarassing

Fuh yor...i tak boleh tahan d..government kept bringing up so many campaigns on "buckle up our helmet"..but takkan they don't know that all these need to start from our leaders..they need to show "teladan baik"..

Just came across a picture in today's The Star article, 13th Nov 2009, ( our Deputy Prime Minister was riding on a bike without his safety helmet to have closer look at flood-hit villages at Kedah.Terrible..Worst still is this picture appear at front page.

Yes..i know some may argue that that was in the village..but as a DPM..he have to behave la.. Segala tindak tanduk DPM diperhati umum. What if the villagers think this way (lah..DPM pun tak pakai helmet..kita kena pakai ke..tak perlu la..pandu lambat cukup)..i bet some will think that way..What if a group of cows suddenly run across the road..accident la..

Look closer at the pic..even the rider behind our DPM knows how to buckle a helmet..malu lah!!
Come on good example to the rest of Malaysians please..Between..I appreciate your visit to Kedah flood-hit area..but Please show good example while visiting. Every of your action and movement will be at all newspapers front page..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dream camera...buying soon..hehe

For my trip to Bali, i still haven't buy a camera to accompany me! I had shorlisted some model, mostly from Lumix and Canon, but in the end..I prefer d latest model from Lumix..DMC-TZ7..

This model was being boasted as the World's Smallest Digital Camera with 12x Optical Zoom featuring 25mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens and AVCHD Lite Motion Picture Recording. So in short, it as actually like buying a camcorder with the price of a camera.

With 10.1-megapixel, a 25mm ultra-wide-angle lens and 12x optical zoom, the TZ7 is a cameras that have won worldwide popularity for packing powerful zoom lenses into compact bodies. It features a new LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens with 10.1-megapixel resolution. It extends the power of the optical zoom from 10x to 12x. I can use it to peep as well..haha..

Panasonic's Intelligent Auto mode -- a hallmark of Lumix cameras -- now includes Face Recognition, a function that "remembers" faces from previous shots. iA mode is also available in Movie Mode. It automatically selects the most suitable Scene mode and helps to correct handshake, focus and brightness problems.

The adoption of AVCHD Lite lets users enjoy watching not only still images but also HD movies

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