Saturday, July 25, 2009

Durians Feast at Kompleks Sukan,USM

Last friday me n frens went for durian searching at night market at Parit Buntar cos we are hunger of durians. later we found a lorry selling durians cheaply..its really cheap..Rm5 per basket..n around 5 in a basket. we bought 4 baskets..haha..without hesitation..tat's for total for around 20+ durians for 8 peoples. i didn't expect to have a fantastic durians here..cos its really i know i shouldn't complain much tis time..unlike in Donald's Durian case..

we cut d durian..yes..i mean cut..jus like cutting cake..haha..cos we don't have d kind of durian knife..its was pretty funny..After going through our "quality inspection", around 65% of the durians tak boleh makan. Either it is wet, damn wet, taste sour, belum masak, rotten and berulat!!! Ewwwww...fark man..disgusting..a lively maggot is inside..crawling..and its a really big big ulat..
2 of my frens wanted to taste it as well..cos we've seen in documentaries b4 tat those maggot boleh dimakan..sedap or not..i tak tau la..u ask the 2 fellas below..

Well, though 65% of the durians bought are rejected, i'm not as fark up as i am in Donald's Durian. 1st, i'm not given any assurance by boss that those were nice durians..they were honest..jus tat we want to taste cheap durians this time. Again..i want to stress here. Donald's Durian service was farkin bad, they cheat, they con, they laugh!!!

The moral of tis story is simple, if u want to eat a nice durians, don go for those in night market in lorry. most of the time, rejected durians were given. I'm not complaining against them tis time, wat i want to highlight was how big the maggot in it..haha..peace out

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lifetime experience to watch Manchester United at Bkt. Jalil

Last friday and saturday was one of the happiest moment in my life..i have the chance to see almost entire Manchester United in front of my eyes..though its not very i still saw was like dreams come true! now i have another mission..I WANT TO WATCH MAN U LIVE AT OLD TRAFFORD!!
i manage to capture a few videos when Man U are training. Well, tat day jus 50,000 spectators presen
t.sikit need rebut to queue at all..whole stadium roar when Paul Scholes enter the stadium for training. he' s the first to step in into the stadium..followed by...i can't rmber..tink its
Nani..haha..then slowly entire squad r out..

whenever Michael Owen or Wayne Rooney jog near the crowds, whole stadium macam meletup. me..i didn't shout..jus relax and took videos..f
rom my position, the view of 3 GK (V.D.Saar, Foster and Kuszczak ) is the clearest..u can click the video below to view how they trained..Kuszczak have a shot on post!!.. Must watch!!
when they trained, u can see that Rooney's shot was damn accurate, Macheda and Rio was darn tall, Zoran Tosic and Anderson was short..haha..Evra was very athletic, Gibson looks fat and Neville looks tired easily.

from my view..the most noticable player was no doubt Brown and Scholes.haha..cos their hair's colour. watching Man U training was very satisfying enough for me..

i didn't upload any video during match day..cos yal sure can watch it in you tube la..wat yal can't watch was special moments like in training..haha..enjoy the video..

Before i wrap this up..let me share tis happy news..i notice lots lots of angel who turn Red Devil that need go Mcdonalds look for them anymore..haha..if u know wat i mean..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Living in Setapak=Hell..

Last weekend, me and frens planned to hv our bowling 2 my horror..1 of them called me and inform that another dude kena rompak..n me, as a caring fren..almost fainted when heard that..manatau wat he meant is that dude's car kena rompak. we almost cancel our outing bcos of that.

here are some of the pics taken from which show how cruel and stupid Setapak shredders are. wonder why i mention cruel..that's bcos they rompak my buddy of course. i can jus hope that happen to their family members. let them feel d derita. and why i called them stupid perompak..look at below pics..

do you notice the music player there?..they didn't grab it!!! Bodoh. so i guess these Setapak perompak are those with guts but no brain.

What they took from his car?..not much actually..again it prove they are stupid. Setapak Perompak target the wrong car. i doesn't want to mention what those moron took from my buddy's trust me..sikit saja. The paling berharga stuff stolen from my buddy is the expired GSC vouchers. haha..

my buddy was lucky that this glass did not hancur berderai. bt his new window have no more sun protector like Air Cool. sure panas gile..

look at the mess in the car. Setapak Moron leave behind Genting tissue box and the lion doll.they selongkar everywhere.
celaka punya budak!

My own theory was that those Setapak Moron target this car cos they saw the Genting tissue box. They assume that this owners frequently visit Genting Highland Casino. n so he have lots of $.

and here is another victim. Perodua Kancil..duh..wrong target again..

same case like my buddy..

What trouble most, semua not what get its the mess they leave behind. duit buta spent on new glass and vacuuming the car.

I'm the 1st person who sit on the front seat straight after he vacuumed it. Though he did vacuum his car, i feel pain at my back when i sit on the front seat. haha..i guess its bcos of the cebisan kaca. or maybe i think too much..i even called him to check my see any blood..haha..

My message ALL of my frens living in SETAPAK, shift now while you are still capable of doing so. Why putting your life at risk? Remember a UTAR student's hand get chopped off before..Setapak was meant for criminals..UTAR student..go find better place la!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Karting with Ben from Fly Fm Pagi SHow..

Last week,i won a contest in Fly FM..its BH Petrol Race Ace 2 Go kart Challenge.The prize is not cash or any the chance to race with one of Fly FM crews..

i reach Genting Highlands around 1.30pm along with bro. Rush to CoffeeTerrace immedietly where i must register as a media.haha.

there, i met Phat fabes and Ben from Pagi Show and i'm given free lunch..yummy..

I was given a mini set of remote control car fellas can buy that from BHP petrol i get that FOC.haha..that car was is

i went there at 1 something but they start the race for media at 9pm!!!.. no thanks to the rain..we waited for so many that's ok..BHP models cure my 'rasa bosan'. i manage to snap some picture with Pagi Show Crews..

i was picked to race with Ben..he's a nice guy.he overtake me at end of warm up was just a warm lap..that's why i didn't go then i manage to catch was hell lot of fun racing in a kart.

i used to have the impression that Genting's kart is super slow..that even walking is faster than that night..pheww...I guess Genting overhaul the was fast..and i was fast too..haha..

At last i didn't win the race..some expert won what i'm enjoyin was the experience..After the race..i was given a free room at 1st World Hotel..and that room was different from ALL the rooms in 1st was big..there's sofa..the bathroom is big enough for 4 person..haha..

What an experience..Fly FM..Bravo..

DONALD'S DURIAN at SS2 cheat his customers..Shame on you!!

Hello fellas..i need to share this story with you all cos i think we really should boikot this kind of cheater..haha..hey i'm serious..don laugh along.Banish Them!

last monday, me and family went for durians as our dinner at DONALD'S DURIAN at SS2. i's DONALD'S DURIAN at SS2, PJ. The service provided was so so bad..I'll list down one by one as we go through..

1) Straight after we sit down at his stall, the worker straight away collect for money from us without even asking what type of durians we want. N for you guys info, it cost RM10 per person for EAT ALL YOU CAN. I'm sure everyone know what EAT ALL YOU CAN i don't the cheating boss know..because he's cheating!!

2) After paying, a worker ask us what durian we want. Of course we go for EAT ALL YOU CAN.Then, we were served for 3 rounds and each round they serve at average 2 durians..sum up..7 adults ate 6 durians .

3) After finishing 6th durian, i requested for another from one of fark up face Bangladeshi worker. I didn't call him fark up face for no purpose, his face at that moment was like i'm eating without paying! What kind of guy is that?

4)Fark up face then pick up a durian from basket n open it for us. Upon serving, we notice the durian was so so watery(berair)and none among us wanted to touch it. (Yeah i RM10 is cheap for eat all you can but can't you serve us with a proper durian, not a rotten one) hey fellas..tell me..who in the world would want to eat such durian even though we jus pay RM10 per person.

5)So i call fark up face and request him to change for another and guess what he replied.."Makanlah..Tak Boleh Tukar..Dah Habis"..i didn't create this dialogue is just that those disrespect words were still fresh in my mind.

6)Lucky the other worker change it for us..he threw it into garbage! Then, he call fark up face to bring the new one to our table. He did bring it..before he reach our table, he whisper in his language (which i assume was either scolding or cursing)..and everyone from the table can listen to that clearly.

7)After finishing the 7th, my brother doesn't want to bother the workers anymore, so he approached the boss(Donald) and ask for new durian. The boss replied.."Finish d, no more.The durians finish d..What to do.This is not eat all you can , its eat what i have". WHile the boss was saying that, the wife was smiling beside him. Fark U husband and wife for showing disrespect to your customers!!

So guys, do you think i'm at the wrong side for requesting again and again for durians..hey..i'm going for EAT ALL YOU CAN. not like what the boss what i have.
Remember we as the customer make demand, when there's no demand for DONALD'S DURIAN, eventually they'll 'chap lap'.

Hopefully, they'll get balasan..REVENGE OF NETTOBOY!
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