Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest teenage trend in US..comin to Malaysia..soon

Americans are always the pioneer and also the inverters for hell lots of things..

and lately..it's become fashionable for middle class girls to kiss each other..come on..ain't there no more boys for you to kiss..You Americans teenage girls..come kiss me if you want..!

WHO START all this mess??? Madonna and Britney la..
This social trend has even sparked its own acronym - LUGs, or Lesbian Until Graduation..

Jackson cut his dad OUT from his will!!

Wacko jacko left his dad with nothing fom his will..took revenge on his father for years of abuse ..

Jacko approximated fortune is worth 1 billion dollars. Mr Joe Jackson has already contested the the validity of the will - and is preparing to challenge it in court...TAK MALU!!

guess what the dad did to reporters days after Jacko's death..GIVING REPORTERS A THUMBS UP..what kind of dad is that.. (u wish u son to die izit)

at this pic..u can see jacko doesn't want to look at Joe Jackson.haha..n dad was pretending to hold his hand

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson..u'll always be remembered..

List of must buy players from Football Manager 09

Lucas Biglia
Igor Akinfeev
Lucho Gonzalez
Matias Fernandez
Juan Manuel Vargas
Benjamin Pedregosa
Emilio Rey
Sergio Asenjo
Miguel Veloso
Oscar Vasquez

i'll update more soon..
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