Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Selling life size "sculptures" made entirely by LEGO for £10,000 each

Parents the world over have watched their sons playing with Lego and dreamed they'll go on to build successful careers as, say, high-flying lawyers.

Well, quite what the parents of Nathan Sawaya are now thinking - the 36-year-old quit his job as corporate lawyer in 2001 to return to his boyhood obsession - creating shapes with those colourful building blocks.

But before you smirk, the artist is proving there is more to Lego than child's play - by selling his brick-based creations for a staggering £10,000 each.

This piece of Lego art of a man rising up is called Red.

His works, which are shown in galleries across the globe and are in demand by top art dealers, include life-size 'sculptures' and can each use 150,000 of the familiar little bricks .

Nathan Sawaya's Lego work Swimmer.

Sawaya spends between eight to 12 hours each day creating with Lego, but it depends on what he's working on. 'Sometimes when he get really into a sculpture, I can spend 18 hours at a time. He spend a lot of time sketching out his ideas on special graph paper that has the brick shapes printed on it. Then the rest of the day is spent building.

Buyers needn't worry about the artworks coming apart though, when Nathan is happy with a creation he rebuilds it, this time glueing the bricks together.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Production Engineer is a BORING job

It seems that almost all my friends are looking for job (even before they graduate) fast meh?
Well..some even commented in Facebook "he's one wants to hire him"..bla bla bla..That's a behaviour of a freak!! ;p come on..You haven't you know the definition of jobless? STop being a freak!! ;p
Ok..stop criticising others.. focus on myself..WHat's my plan after I graduate?...hmm..For sure I'll expand my wings at Petaling Jaya..I love PJ! So far I didn't apply for any job..Why the rush, am I right? I'll take my time..My plan will be to apply for job around July..

Why July..because World Cup 2010 ending soon..I doesn't want my job to disturb my concentration in World Cup..(Do I sound like a freak?) hehe..I definitely doesn't want to get into production engineer.OTHER than its a sporstwear company...Woo...( fussy guy la me)... I'm chasing for dream..rather than just working..(anyone feel that I'm talking trash?) but I'm serious..

"Production Engineer is a BORING job, dare not to even look at it"

Finally, I wish all my friends who are applying for jobs..Good Luck in your search..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brave robbery at daylight (watched and taken pictures by public)

It could have been a scene from a gangster movie and passers-by who witnessed this robbery in London yesterday certainly treated it like one.

While self-preservation may have stopped them from intervening, the robbers weren't too scared to stand there and enjoy the show. It was extraordinary because there were dozens of people watching and taking pictures. At least 60 people were on the pavement opposite.

One older gentleman was so unconcerned that he strolled right past the motorbike riding gang breaking into the branch of jewellers Mappin & Webb at 11.20am.

(Four robbers break into a jewellery store as another stands guard, while witnesses simply watch or stroll past)

The store's staff were probably a little more concerned as the robbers, still wearing their helmets, smashed the window on Old Bond Street. Luckily, no one was hurt. The gang grabbed tens of thousands of pounds worth of loot, and then roared away.

There were claims that police officers took 25 minutes to arrive on the scene, giving the robbers plenty of time. Witness Petra Remias, 25, who works in a shop opposite said: 'The men started banging on the window with a huge hammer - it made a horrible noise.

(A gang member smashes the glass and then leans in to snatch fistfuls of gems and watches)

'It was like a gangster movie. People in the street started gathering around in a semi-circle to watch. 'The raid lasted between five and ten minutes, it wasn't quick.'

(A forensic officer gathers evidence at the site)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Praying for my studies, career and love life....

Every time before exam, it is normal to see the Japanese or Korean rushing to the temple to pray for their result. Hoping for blessing in it. and a bunch of buddies were no difference either. We went to "bath" the tortoise at the temple, hoping that we will be flushed with As...haha..

"Bathing" the tortoise is a must do thing in the temple. It is believed that the way you bath the tortoise have its own meaning. For example, if you bath its head, you'll be a smart one.

So, in order to get full blessing from this tortoise, we bath whole tortoise. ;p Look at how shining is that tortoise..

In fact, that was what a typical chinese should looks like- praying a lot ;p The temple was just a distance from my campus..The 'ukiran batu' in the temple was marvelous..The 3D effect was so 3D..You get what I mean? I guess its from CHina kot..Doubt Malaysian can do that...Sorry..

(Preparing with the candles)

(Derrick very serious in delivering his 'message")

( Both are preparing to lit up their "colok')

(my turn to pray!! there are sequences on which to pray first..this is the first)

(at the main hall)

(praying for my studies, career and love life) haha..

(view from the main hall)

( look at the wonderful 3D if the dragon really exist! )

(the main dragon sculpture..the king among all maybe? located at front entrance)

(another good shot by Zeng Sueen)

(this temple may looks old..but the decoration was not at all)

(this sculpture attract my attention the most)..a 3D picture.

(lots of amazing sculpture there...I can't stop saying 'woww'...because all the sculpture have its own wow factor.

Bathing time!!! I bath the whole tortoise..hoping to get more blessing!!

(can't stop laughing at my silly mindset as well)

(I bath the tortoise the most....more blessing please..)

(all join to bath tortoise eventually)..but not as many as me..haha

(look at this if the fish are chasing after the moon).. brilliant!!

(posing at the front entrance..with the dragon..pheww)

(Macho Posing before we left for dinner..)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mechanic Night 2010

Last week, my faculty (School of Mechanical Engineering) held our very own Mechanic Night at Cititel Hotel, Penang. As 4th year senior, we were required to pay ONLY Rm40..lesser than other years..but do we deserve it?.. ;p..Hell yes..hehe

As far as I'm concerned, other faculty charge nothing on 4th year senior..Well, that's their tradition..Ours are way different. Ok back to the night..The theme was "Red Carpet"...It was my last night in USM..I mean that "night"..The seniors were really looking forward to it..We prepared our cloths, set our messy hair, sprayed some perfume (and yes..we smell nice that night) before the event. You can sense the excitement among our friends..OR it was just me who are excited!!!

We, as the seniors..were so sorry that we arrived at the night at 7.30 instead of 6.30pm. All because of some friends lewat datang lahh.. (we planned to walk into the hall we waited for others)..we miss a performance by juniors during the period. Oops!!!

Here's how I look like at the night..a plump boy stuck in a hat?..huh..DOn't say that please..but its funny though ;p Some even mentioned that I looks like Jacky Wu..the Taiwan famous celebrity..All because of the hat and my big head kot.. Kane betul!!!

My attire for the night..and Jacky Wu below

The night didn't go as what I expected..It was dull..Foods was OK...and the events was so little.. We terkejut when we heard that the MCs announced that we'll choose the Prom King/ Queen at 9 something..Pheww..That was early!! (Hotel management wanted us to berambus before 11pm) Announcing King/Queen at 9 something was still very early.. But me as usual..Prefer to think positive..hehe..

"What??? Announcing King/ Queen so early?"
When think positive- Its means we can berambus early and go clubbing secepat mungkin..Yeahhh!!!!

candidates for Prom King

In the end...All of us "berambus' to Mois night club..just a stone throw away from Cititel Hotel..and the rest...huh..heaven...Let's not get into that ;p

Thanks to all the juniors who are involved in the night..Yal did a good job..Especially my "adik'..Cheryl Sim

Here's some selected photos from the night..(not in order)

me with all the girls from my course

Do I look happy ;p

We love to pose and take pic..baru ada gaya!!

Pose tak habis habis

Return crown to the Prom Queen..hehe..

DO I looks like Monkey God?..A sissy monkey god?

Happy giler....see I smile till like that pun tau ady

My pick for Prom Queen of the night..too bad she didn't win..haha

My pick for Prom King..ALSO didn't win

Me in playing mood..loves to rosakkan others picture

Bergambar with all 4th year Manufacturing Engineering

Moment before entering the hall

Striking Wacko Jacko pose

Phewww wit!!!

and the last...

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