Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Map

Below are some of the interesting statements and quotes that I had extracted from the book "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Map". It is a nice book to read. Go read more on the book if you like some of the quotes here. Ready for the lovely advice!!!!!>>>

Sex researchers everywhere
report that women look at men's bodies as much
as, and sometimes more than, men look at women's.
Yet women, with their superior peripheral vision, rarely
get caught.

For every man who can sing in tune,
there are eight women who can do it. This ability goes
a long way to explaining the women's phrase, 'Don't
use that tone of voice with me!' when arguing with men. Most males don't have a clue what she's talking about.

Women use a greater range of touch
expressions than men, describing a successful person as
having a 'magic touch' and others as being 'thinskinned'
or 'thick-skinned'.

Women love 'staying in
touch' and dislike those who 'get under your skin'.
They talk about 'feelings', giving someone 'the personal
touch', being 'touchy' and annoying people by 'rubbing
them up the wrong way'.

Women initiated approaches to men, not for
sex, but for the intimacy of touch. When a woman is
emotionally cut off or angry with a man, she is likely to
respond by saying, 'Don't touch me!', a phrase that has
little meaning to men.

To win points with
women, use lots of appropriate touching but avoid
groping. To raise mentally healthy children, cuddle
them a lot.

Men have thicker skin than women which explains why
women get more wrinkles than men.

Relationships fail because men still don't understand
why a woman can't be more like a man, and
women expect their men to behave just like they do.

When a woman is speaking her
unused words at the end of the day,
she doesn't want interruptions
with solutions to her problems.

The first rule of talking to a man:
Keep it simple! Give him only
one thing at a time to think about.

If a woman is talking to you a lot,
she likes you. If she's not talking
to you, you're in trouble.

Indirect speech is a female speciality and serves a specific
purpose - it builds relationships and rapport with
others by avoiding aggression, confrontation or

If a woman sounds like she may have a
problem, an excellent technique for a man to use is to
ask her, 'Do you want me to listen as a boy or a girl?'
If she wants him to be a girl, he just listens and encourages
her. If she says she wants him to be a boy, he can
offer solutions.

Two interesting observations are that
some overweight women use the 'girlie' voice to counteract
the power of the large body size and others use it
to encourage protective behaviour in men they like.

If a woman is unhappy in her
relationships, she can't concentrate
on her work. If a man is unhappy at
work he can't focus on his relationships.

A woman leaves a man not because
she is unhappy with what he can
provide, but because she is
emotionally unfulfilled.

Under pressure, women talk without thinking
and men act without thinking.

Men need to understand that
when a woman is stressed, she
wants to talk, and all he needs
to do is listen, not offer solutions.

If a man completely shuts off, let him do it, he'll be fine. If a
woman shuts off, there's trouble brewing and it's time
for deep discussion.

man who is a good dresser usually has a woman
choosing his clothes or he's gay.

For example, if he said, 'Wow! Great choice! Turn
around, let me see the back. That colour really suits
you! The cut flatters your figure. Those earrings match
your outfit perfectly, you look wonderful,' most women
would be extremely impressed.

Neural evidence shows that the phenomenon of
'falling in love' is a series of chemical reactions taking
place in the brain that cause mental and physical

All this positive chemical reaction explains why
people in love have been shown to have better health
and are much less likely to contract an illness than
those who are not. Being in love is usually great for
your health.

When it comes to sex, women
need a reason; men need a place.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tai Thong Mooncakes Home Photoshoot!

What do you notice in the photo below? Apart from me...Well I know my bulky size dominates all..but the main focus should be on Tai Thong Moooncakes. Total 18 boxes there for Tai Thong photoshoot =p 

Initially this photoshoot was taken for Tai Thong MCs contest. But due date arrives before I upload these photos. Winner takes home RM 1000 worth of Tai Thong vouchers! Big enough to persuade me to have this photoshoot. Hey focus should be given to my LEVI'S as well.

My brother as the photographer, sister as director and me as the "background" for this MCs.

Damn! Terkejut...Brother took photo of "background" without "colour". I hope to Photoshop this photo, my face looks like monster..but let it be. I am born a monster! :)

Tai Thong bags were used to cover up my body. Reason: I'm not a beach boy.. ;p 


Monster face should be cover up as well, just partially.

Brother can't stop I have to laugh along..Else I'll be so malu wei

Final shoot!

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