Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking at Curvy women = excitement from drinking beer

For millions of women fretting about their weight the news will be a huge relief, men prefer a curvier figure.

From recent research, the effect on the male brain of a shapely woman is, apparently, comparable with that of beer and brandy. Figures such as Beyonce's also light up the male brain in the same way as illegal drugs.

The caucasian, westernised female has somehow been duped into thinking men like very skinny, waify, Kate Moss-type girls (below). Curviness is the trump card.

Researchers in Georgia, in the U.S., scanned the brains of 14 young men as they looked at before and after pictures of nude women who had plastic surgery to give them more shapely hips and bottoms.

Seeing the post-operative shots excited the brain's 'reward centres' - regions more usually activated by drink and drugs.

High waist to hip ratios - or hourglass figures - proved particularly stimulating. this could be because wide hips have long been linked with good health - and the ability to carry healthy babies. Yes.."conservative thinking" (our granddad) believes this theory.

The moral from this research is simple

1) Look at curvy women when you want a beer (waste $ and health threatening)...

2) Why waste money to buy beer when curvy women give us the same excitement!!

3) I did not recommend this method to drug addicts because I believe they will R*** the curvy women after getting the excitement ;p

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big @$$ = Healthy !!!!!!!

Attention to all the ladies out there.....Latest discoveries- Having a big bottom is good for your health - or at least better than having a big tummy (err..this is meant for the male).

Recent studies show that having a generous rear end and thighs, rather than a pot belly, cuts levels of 'bad' cholesterol and raises levels of the 'good' cholesterol that protect against hardening of the arteries.

It also cuts the risk of diabetes, a review in the International Journal of Obesity reports. The findings add to a welter of research on the benefits of having a pear-shaped body.

Think of any artist with big bottom?...hmm...she's none other than J Lo...Believe it or not, her bottom is her greatest asset..cos she bought lots of insurance for kidding! Jennifer Lopez could live longer because fat around the thighs and backside is far healthier that that found on the abdomen

Fat around our thighs and hips is different to the fat we accumulate around our tummy.'There is "good" fat and "bad" fat - just like there is good and bad cholesterol.

Celebrities like Beyonce are healthier role models

'If you are overweight, obese, or if your waist size has increased, it is important to make changes to your lifestyle, such as eating a healthy diet and doing regular physical activity, to reduce your risk of heart health problems.'

BUT if your bottom size increased, stay calm...That's healthy!! Be proud to have a big @$$.

But one have think logically, big bottom like below doesn't count..That's bloody disgusting..ewwww

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EAting bugs in Hatyai

Last weekend, I spent my valuable time with course mates at Hatyai, Thailand. It was part of our activities in the new course created by ourselves...Final Vacation Project (FVP)..where we will discuss on possible location to be visited..the next location will be at Lost World of Bukit Tambun..Woo Hoo!!!

I would like to share some experience with yal..of what I did during Hatyai trip- eat insect snacks...The thing that I look forward before this trip..either I'll eat exotic food or insect snack..And yes!!!..I found those insect snack while we're at floating market..phewww

Look at below pic..that aunty served variety of insects..I'm Lovin It!!! She served tiny worms, medium worms, fat gigantic juicy worms, grasshoppers,bugs and some unidentified insects.. ;p

Initially, I felt bit reluctant to taste those doesn't smell nice when we walk past the stall..BUt because I loves to eat..I bought SOME to taste..and I like I bought more..

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