Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jason Derulo Live Showcase.

I went to Jason Derulo Live Showcase at Dragonfly me a nerd or whatever..but this is the FIRST time I've been to such event, where I got to meet international artist...

Hello..That's Jason Derulo..the singer behind the hits: "Watcha Say" and "In my Head"..Well..That the ONLY 2 songs that I heard from Derulo ;p

Thanks "The Star newspaper" for giving the free passes..and I went there with my partner in crime..Dead Eye @ Calvin Chuah...We enjoyed looking at chicks there..They're hot! Oops..Put those chicks topic aside..Inappropriate to post it here..hehe..U know what I mean..

Derulo..being an international artist..was late by 1 hours..but we were as well..Smart Duo! Our time were always based on Thailand time..Ok the highlights from the showcase..Derulo's female dancers were sexy and seducing ( watch from video)...and Derulo tore his shirt (all female shouting.. ;p ) and threw it into the crowds (eww..sweaty shirt). I bet the first female who got his shirt will sniff it..(Tarik nafas kuat-kuat..yaiks)

The crowds went crazy when Derulo said he is SINGLE..Derulo even invites a spectator from the crowds to join him in his performance..Duh..Lucky girl..That girl was sweet..Dream girl stuff ;p At the end of the performance, she got a big hug from Derulo..(all female on the floor were envy of her) If I'm Derulo..I'll hug her till the show end..I'm just being honest..not horny!

Oh yeah..the climax was I got to hear "Watcha Say" and "In my head" from Derulo..I love the performance!

Hitz Fm Morning Crew: JJ and Ean were the MC...I just noticed Ean was so muscular! JJ, as usual..laugh like a hyna. Ean was a bit "ham sap" when he pose for photograph with the chicks..but who can blame him..Its the right of a "celebrity".

(pheww..look at them..I mean the girls..)

So, at the end of the show, there's an autograph session BUT you have to buy the album at RM 40 in order to get his signature. neTToboy and Dead Eye were not stupid, so they left...watching his performance and taking his pictures is enough..Only the crazy and rich will go for that autograph...

Friday, July 9, 2010

I won free passes to MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon!!

After trying so many times,FINALLY I  won the passes to MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon this July 31st. The artists present at that day need no introduction, Kate Perry, Wonder Girls, Tokio Hotel and err...Bunkface..Malaysian band..hehe. I"ll still cheer for them though.

The males will look forward to meet Kate Perry and Wonder Girls. I'm one of them as well.. I'm going with my best buddy, Calvin Chuah...I guess he'll peeps at Wonder Girls NON STOP...oops...Did I just mention he'll peep them?

It's not easy AT ALL to get this stupid passes..Yes, it is STUPID. Why can't they just sell it or give it away.I had to sit in front of my PC and wait for the "junior or bee" to appear. Well, "junior" entitled me a pair of passes while "bee" entitled me an express passes where I will have the chance to meet Kate Perry at backstage...I sure hug her if I have that "bee" ;p Russel Brand will have no problem with that!

I clicked "junior" when it appears at the bottom of the page..So I'll just have a normal passes. No backstage passes to hug Kate Perry. A passes is valid for 2 person. I'm not satisfy with that normal passes. "I want to hug Kate Perry! ". I'll try to click till I can get a 'bee".

We CANT buy this passes with money. We have to sweat (work hard) to earn it, unlike those who work for radio station and their relatives. They depend on relationship, we- the public..depend on our hard work..haha. Aku bangga gila!

Any interested friends can visit and win a passes as well. There will be a lot of hot chicks at Sunway that night..U won’t want to miss that chance!

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