Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mind seldom behaves like this,
It thinks too much, No for good sleep 
Over analysed, that's what keeping it so alert,
Hate it to be this way, but nothing much can be done
Trying to relax it with games, not helping
Going for books and articles, not helping
How can it be that way...1 reason
Used to be a virus for me, still remain as one
Not possible to remove it that easily, 
Even the GREATEST anti virus software can't help at all
When there's still hope, no doubt it will turn happy,
Even if it need waiting, will still go for it
Mind got confused when it didn't receive the wanted code
Waking up at 3.46am, sitting in front of PC
Can't stop thinking about it, 
Hoping for a happy ending
It's birthday wish, but never know will it materialise
Been years since mind was triggered to that extend
Not many can activate it, 
Forced to wipe out details in it when things didn't work out
Not possible to wipe out within that period
Doubt it will be possible to be removed
Different belief shouldn't be a limitation
It only serves as a challenge, 
To make both grow stronger
Holding firm to the wish
Things should patch up soon, hoping
Will never give up on it, never
Will fight for it, 
Believe there's space for better future

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's a lecturer in USM who looks EXACTLY like Namewee @ Wee Meng Chee.

Namewee is so popular right now..err..put his previous controversy aside..I mean he’s popular with his music lately. Go you tube for his latest music..”I am who I am”. I’m glad that he is still who he is after so many controversy that he attracts. No doubt here..this guy is good in music..

Ok..let’s not include Negarakuku as his official song. =p That’s the past but that song is nice. I have to admit that. haha. Namewee Represent! I’m not being racist here. I truly support our Prime Minister in 1 Malaysia campaign. I really did =p

Talented as Eminem in rapping, as good as Jay Chow in making music..and there is one thing everyone should knows about Namewee as well..He is very much alike with one lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia Engineering Campus. Dr. Abdul Rahim b. Othman, from Mechanic School, a very good lecturer. 

He used to lecture me in ‘Static’ subject. A very nice and friendly lecturer. It will be great if Dr. Rahim can rap like Namewee…His students will love it.

Everyone at USM Engineering (my previous uni) knows that Dr Rahim is Namewee @ Wee Meng Chee alike. Percentage is similarity, I’ll say 95%. Well, no photos touch up on any of the pictures I shared here. There’s no need to do so, because they are so alike.


Besides, Dr Rahim looks like one of Hong Kong actor too. Those who watch TVB series will know the actor I meant is Laughing Gor @ Tse Tin Wah ( 

So, Dr Rahim; Celebrity-face lecturer. No wonder I feel so energize at his lesson. But he only looks alike when he’s young because his face is slimmer at that time.

Compare Dr. Rahim young photos with those of Namewee in his “I AM WHO I AM” video. 

The moment Namewee plays that piano, those who's not deaf can sense that there's a bit of Jay Chow in him. The music is just so nice. And when he raps, can't you see Eminem is in him! Eminem raps with a style. So did Namewee.

 Namewee latest MV, “I AM WHO I AM”

One thing I would like to share as well, some of the students in USM Engineering are celebrity alike too. You can visit this page in Facebook to view more, ( But it is no longer active since I’m no longer there. Just graduate!!...Woo Hoo

The person on the left need no introduction. He's Wayne Rooney, Manchester United FC striker. On your right is my friend..Kenny from Civil Engineering.

On the right, again, need no introduction for football fans. He's Park Ji Sung, a midfield at Man Utd. Well, on your left, my friend as well.

Left is Rowan Atkinson @ Mr. Bean. Right friend again, Joshua

Right is local actress, Sharifah Amani. Left is kawan ku..Syawalia.

Left is local famous singer, Amy Mastura. Right is USM friend, Fatihah.

For those who watch "Heroes"..The guy on your right is Hiro Nakamura (that character) and the one at your left is my junior.

I hope this post won't offend anyone.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Goldie, My new pet...a Star Tortoise

Welcome to my life...that's to my pet..Star Tortoise. Let me introduce to everyone..Goldie...Yes Goldie is the name of my tortoise. Named by one of my friend, because this tortoise looks like treasure. Whenever I shout will shake its tail..just like a dog..Unbelievable huh..

I wanted to have this tortoise since....err..not long..just a year ago. Get bored of having "kapchai" tortoise. My "kapchai" refers to Red Ear Slider turtle (RES).

We can easily get RES turtle for RM 8 each. "Kapchai" la tu =p I used to have 2 RES turtles. Their size are slightly bigger than my my palm but I released them to Sungai Raja in Alor Star when I can no longer keep them.


1) Bila saiz besar, najis ikut besar, very dirty and smelly. They play with their faeces as well..Yaiksss

2) Their size outgrown the size of the container where I placed them. Releasing them to river..better solution =p

3) Lazy to take care of them

 Here, Goldie is sleeping. Notice the mouth is green. that's because she just finished her vege. Looks like "Joker" from Batman.

I bought Goldie from a lady through a forum and Goldie cost me RM 180. It is expensive for a tortoise but I think it is worthwhile. Legal market sell it for RM 600. Goldie was only 3 inches when I bought her. Well, I assume it’s a "she" because the owner is a guy! It is difficult to determine correctly the gender of Star Tortoise (ST) when it is only 3".

Wondering what's so special about ST? It is special because it hardly available in Malaysia. The origin of the star turtle is from India. The most important of all, the pattern on the shell of the tortoise is so special and nice.

Guess what is Goldie favourite food? kangkung? Beans? No...Those were side dishes. It is Hibiscus! Our national flower! I am so lucky that I can get plenty of such flowers in Malaysia. Eating hibiscus for ST is like Malaysian eating rice. 

So, I pampered Goldie with hibiscus that I plucked at Damansara Utama. That road is totally heaven for Goldie food supply ;p Look how happy is Goldie!

Jabatan Perhilitan will issue you a summon when they found out you are rearing ST. Summon of up to RM 100, 000. I read this statement from a forum and I'm not sure how true this is.

"Rear at your own risk"

I posted a topic on I want Indian Star Tortoise so so badly!!! on June and I achieved what I wanted. Yeah!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am mooncakes maniac! My family >> MCs maniac as well.

Call me freak, call me maniac..I don't mind. When it comes to mooncakes, I am a maniac! My family as well =p

This year was better, greater and CRAZIER. 

Better and greater in quantity. Last year we ate close to 16 boxes of MCs. We will smashed that figure this year. So far, we had eaten around 10 boxes of MCs. and it is still counting...We are not eating MCs to break records :) but we simply love it so much! "Just Lovin It' in..I took lots of photos of me with MCs..Well its not is just that is camwhoring. ;p Just having fun once in a while. I'll post on this in my next post. 

I am a bit choosy when it comes to MCs. I don't eat MCs from market or pasar malam. I just think it is worth it to spend that money to eat that "out of shape" MCs. 

MCs are my family supper during August and September. So it make sense now why we eat so much MCs. Eating it for 1 whole month might turn others' appetite off, but that's not the case for my family. MCs are seasonal dishes!

My favourite flavour>>>> Casahana's Red Yeast Japanese Sweet Potato. Its so nice till I don't know how can I describe it. Why don't you just go and try it! Perfect combination of flavours.

Here's some photos from my MCs consumption this year. tasted MCs from variety of brands. No bad comments on those MCs. All are nice..delicious..

Sister bought a lot from Tai Thong, since she can enjoy 30% off as IBM employee. 

Do you think my family can finish that amount of MCs? Of course no. Sister bought for my friends as well. From 18 boxes there, 8 belong to friend. The other 10 boxes left..for my family own consumption..hehe. There's NO WAY we will sell it! =p

Stocking that amount of MCs is stupid! haha ;p

Below are Tai Thong snow skin MCs in my fridge.

WARNING***Mooncakes are not only for Chinese, it is also highly recommended for all Malaysians.
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