Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I appreciate her more after she left me. I will miss her.

She appeared in my dream a week ago and it ended with a nightmare. Straight after I woke up, I ran and search for her. She’s still by my side. I told my parents about my weird dream. They said I am silly for having such dream! In fact, I think I’m silly as well that time.

Fast forward the incident by a week, I don’t think I am silly anymore. That dream is a reminder for me. A reminder to appreciate her, to care for her and to shower her with more love. A dream a week ago is no longer a dream anymore! It is a fact now! A fact that 
I found it hard to believe, because I don’t even know what is the reason behind this.

She left me without giving any notice and that makes me feel very guilty. If I know she’s leaving me, I would never allow that to happen. I will bring her to the doctor and cure all the pain that she suffers silently. It is my fault for not giving enough attention and concern for her.

Human tends to be like that. They will only appreciate things around them when it is no longer with them. The same goes to me. I appreciate her more after she left me. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate her while she was with me.

I enjoyed and cherished the moment when we were together. Nothing can beat the bonding between us. Though her presence lasted only a few months in my life, it was all filled with fun and excitement.

Goldie, my Star Tortoise, passed away last Saturday. What fails me as an owner is I don’t even know what is the reason behind her death.

When I wanted to feed her that morning, she lies motionless on her bedding. Thinking that she was sleeping, I tried to wake her up by shaking the container. 

She remain motionless. When I carry her up and touch her head, no respond from her. Normally, she will ‘manja-manja’ around my fingers. 

I rushed to my mum and told her about that. She was shocked as well. It happens so sudden.

I used a white cloth to wrap her before I buried her. Goldie is no longer with me but I will remember her as my first tortoise and the name Goldie will remain with her. 

RIP Goldie

With Love, Jimmy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was given a big slap by him..but I deserve it! I should Done it Right!

Things couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I found my tortoise, Goldie passed away this morning. Then, when I was about to blog on this post, I accidentally deleted the photo album for DiGi Done Right Camp. Friends suggested me to use some software to recover the photos..Give me some hope but not for long. 

Not until I realize this is company laptop (I am not allowed to install my own software in it) Bah kata pepatah..Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga! But I tell myself..”Challenge..Challenge..Challenge” …..”I am a Mental Warrior”

These words kept buzzing in my ears ever since I attended DiGi Done Right Camp. Also, I can feel the changes in me. I am mentally tougher now. I believe this is one of the many changes that U2 Kumar manages to instill in us.

 What is DiGi Done Right Camp? Buat apa di sana?

Who is U2 Kumar?..No.. He’s not from the popular Irish rock band- U2.

Lemme explain all this to clear the ??? in your mind now. DiGi Done Right Camp is a camp to make you a better person! That’s my own definition for this camp. How are you going to be a better person? fill in yourself.

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

Who is U2 Kumar? Our speaker for this camp of course!. Just go Google his details and I bet your mouth will be wide open. I’m not kidding you know! My mouth open a while (Wahhhh) when he was first introduced in the camp. I am very grateful that I manage to attend his talks for FREE. Thanks to Nuffnang and DiGi for that! From the bottom of my heart!

(Photo credited to Kikaro Zoe)

I am very lucky to be chosen for this camp. Trust me..really lucky ;p It was my first event with Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnang again for giving me this chance to participate. DiGi didn’t reveal much on the activities prior to the camp, so Nuffies didn’t reveal much to us too. So, I also don’t know what to expect from this camp but I have no regret attending this camp at all.

Nuffnang provides everything for us- accommodation at Carlton Hotel, transport from Kelana Jaya LRT station to Shah Alam, foods…you just have to make yourself present!

(Photo credited to Mimi Pie)

First, I got the chance to tour around DiGi superb environment office @ D' House. Then, I can attend talks by U2 Kumar for free. Also, I can meet new friends!!!! Finally, I can have fun while learning. I strongly recommend this camp to every bloggers!

Wondering what we did there? Treasure hunt is the first activity and also the activity I remember the most because my group emerged as the champion! Go Dynamite Team!

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

For this game, we were required to solve 3 challenges using the laptop and DiGi Broadband provided.
            1st question: Find the sequence of number for the photos given in DiGi Facebook page
            2nd question: Solve the crosswords to get final clue
            3rd question: Finding answer from DiGi webpage

Yeahh..Dynamite Team is the fastest to complete the 3 challenges! I am so proud with Dynamite Team! I won myself an album by Sonic Youth (who’s that? No idea an umbrella, 2GB All-Americans Rejects pendrive,DiGi pens and mini pouch.

Besides, we were told to prepare a sketch on “Good and Bad of Internet” by using what we have learnt in DiGi Done Right Camp. During the preparation, you can see a lot of creative directors, drama queens and kings. My team did a sketch on how a good internet connection can affects our gaming performance. All teams manage to slip in some humors in their storyline while delivering the message as well.

(Photo credited to Rabiatul Adawiyah Zakaria)

 All the bloggers that attended the camp, they are indeed Drama King and Queen, that I can confirm! They unleashed their pattern in their sketch. Some can really be as annoying as a devil and some can act as a “manja” yet cute girlfriend. I laugh and cheer non-stop for this.

Shown below is the sketch from one of the team..very funny!!!

(Video taken from Mimi Pie)

According to U2 Kumar, we play game since it will reveal the pattern in us. Our automatic, robotic behavior will come out without us realizing it and we must eliminate the lousy behavior and go for ExtraOrdinary behavior!

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

The last game, the “Kum Cheng game”, translate in English- Feeling game. In this game, we were asked to approach at least 15 people and hold their hands and tell them our answer based from on the statement given.

1)     What I like about you is…
2)     Things that you can improve
3)     I am sorry…
4)     After this, I think we can..

After the answering, we have to either shake hands or hug the opposite partner. Very sweet act! What I like about this game is I was able to praise people (love doing and I can get feedback from them too. Besides praising, I love to criticize others as well..a bit of Simon Cowell maybe..Oops..One of the funny feedbacks that I received was..

            What I like about you is you’re a Manchester United fan!
            But thing for you to should support another football team..not Man Utd
            And then he said sorry for saying the above statement..haha..

All the ‘perselisihan’ will be wipe off once we hug each other. I have a lansi @ arrogant look, so this game is really good to mohon maaf. Else, I might leave this camp with some enemies. I told my friends during this game, “I am sorry if I said things that offended you without realizing it and I’m sorry if you found me rude while talking to you as I know sometime I don’t look into people eyes when talking to them. Thank You U2 Kumar for giving me this wake up call.

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

ON the things that I learnt in DiGi Done Right Camp, I can write an essay on that alone. Let me list it down.

1) This lesson gives me the biggest slap! “The Power of Communication”

Strategy > High Energy > Intensity of Eye Contact > Transfer of Feeling

When U2 Kumar talks on this, he asked us a question “Why do we have to look into people eyes while talking to them? “ Well, my answer is to show them our respect! My answer is still correct though, but U2 Kumar’s answer is more accurate. He answered…We look into the person eyes to transfer our message to their mind. Eyes act as transferring medium.

I tweeted on this and surprisingly, it won me the creative tweeterer prize!!! Woowwww..

My winning tweet..

Why it gives me the biggest slap? It is because I have a habit of not looking at people eyes while talking to them. Sometime I am shy! … I must Change on this!

(Video taken from Prashan Chitty)

2)   Lousy thoughts affect the body

Energy > Thoughts > Feeling > Action > Patterns > Result

If you always have doubts on whether you can succeed in doing something, then you might not taste any success.

In general, when one try very hard and didn’t see any success, they tend to complain. This relates to the third thing I learnt.

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

3)  No failure, Wrong result, Change Strategy
             I am Responsible

If your hard work didn’t reap any success, change your strategy. You’re insane if you expect to get different result by doing the same thing. Stop complaining on what had happened. Be a man, stand up and be responsible for your action.

If anything happens, it is your fault! Not your boss, your collogues or your parents!

4 NO to be responsible
No Complaining, No Blaming, No Gossiping, No Excuse

(Photo credited to Rabiatul Adawiyah Zakaria)

4) Words have Power, so choose your thought and words. Look at the table below.

Treat problems as challenges! Anything difficult should be treated as interesting, Substitute ‘Ai Yah…Ai Yeoh’ with Yeah..Wowww.

Eg:                              Ai Yah..I forgot my girlfriend’s birthday!
     [after substitute] Yeah.. ..I forgot my girlfriend’s birthday!

I practice the last one in my office. Colleague asked me to do something on merchandising and I replied him “My pleasure” instead of ‘No problem”

Colleague: Jimmy, you go do merchandising for CNY for the campaign, ok? Go register later.
Me             : My pleasure, colleague!
Colleague: Oh like that ah..then you go do it twice ah.
Me             : My pleasure, colleague!
Colleague: like it huh. Then go 3 times la.
Me             : Haha…

Dare not to say too much of “My Pleasure” to people like that but it is a challenge to face them!

(Photo credited to Mokky Mok)

Oh Ya…thing that we did most during the camp- we have to recite what’s on the posters in the room plus our group cheer! Around 45 posters there! That’s crazy but we enjoyed running around and recite those powerful words. 

(Video taken from Prashan Chitty)

In a nutshell, it was all fun and fun and fun during this camp. I learnt a lot and I'm dying to participate in Nuffnang and DiGi event in the future.
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