Monday, September 28, 2009

I Just Can't Stop Eating Mooncakes!

Whenever i back to PJ during Uni break, i'll always look forward to 3 things..Family, Foods and Chicks..haha

Last week Raya break at PJ was fantastic because i manage to consume a LOT of mooncakes ( M.C)..and i really mean a lottttt....Below pic shows only half of the amount.

i consider me and family as a hardcore mooncakes consumers, simply because so far, we have eaten 12 boxes of mooncakes, equivalent to 48 pieces of M.C. Average price for a piece is Rm11.00. Yal do the counting..haha

Sister ( manage to get company discount (30%) on Tai Thong M.Cs. She bought 4 boxes of it. Everything from Tai Thong was great this year except its
"mixed nuts" flavour.

Even my dad who loves mixed nuts M.C critic it too. Me, being our family biggest eater doesn't bother about the critic. I'll sapu every M.Cs that they don't like..haha.. I just loves M.Cs so much.

During Raya break, we ate M.Cs almost every night. Going for traditional way of eating M.C with a cup of tea is just the perfect supper for us. Bravo!

This year, it can be observed that most of the manufacturers emphasis on their packaging. I believe some people buy M.C just to get its box.

Surprisingly, I find 'Casahana' M.C yummy yummy! It surprises me because i never heard of this name before, let alone its M.C. But i was told that Casahana was in M.C market for years. Guess what..even 'Sushi King' are selling M.C from Casahana but under their label.

My first impression on Sushi King M.C was like..this M.C must have some sushi in it..Manatau bila makan..phewww..Ho Chiak leh!

Straight away i think..Sushi King so kheng ah..can do such M.C. Its M.C have no sushi in it, tapi ada pumpkin + yam. Brilliant blend of mixture. Casahana may be underdog to me in this M.C industry, but their products simply Ho Chiak!

My favourite Casahana M.C is Pumpkin Taro (mixture of yam and pumpkin)...New flavour.but its blend of the 2 things is wonderful.

My favourite M.C among all has to be from Teochew. They specialise on Teochew Yam M.C. its main difference is in its structure. just look at pic below.

I guess not many try their M.C before. We can only buy their M.C at their KL branch. Their previous restaurant used to be at PJ (near KDU and Atria). I can't see any of their M.C at hypermarket. I guess their reluctance to do so make their M.Cs so berharga.

Sis purposely went to KL to purchase their famous yam M.C. Every trip is worth it. Teochew still manage to maintain their M.C's quality. When i taste it, i can feel it..the feeling when i first consume it as a kid. No kidding, i can still remember every seconds of me tasting it.

Another outstanding M.C has to be from Six Happiness. Their white lotus is simply number 1 in Malaysia. Again the nostalgic feeling was there when I ate it..haha..other flavours are great too, but none as standout as its white lotus.

Sis bought Haewaytian M.C as well. This brand is like the si fu in this M.C industry. Its M.C is delicious, but there's no wow factor in it. Unlike Casahana and Six Happiness.

Sis bought Foh San "Heong Fah Biscuit" aka kung chai peng too. Ipoh lads may familiar with this name. Nowadays, their M.C are so expensive. Their kung chai peng are the same but we craze so much for it. So, sis just bought 1 box of it. smell good with kuaci in it..Its texture is so soft yet firm.

To all my friends, it is still not too late to grab some M.C to celebrate Mooncakes Festival. Recommended brand in order..
1) Six Happiness
2) Casahana
3) Teochew
4) Oversea/ Tai Thong
5) Haewaytian

There's an old saying in Chinese (direct translation), "I consume salt more than your consumption of rice. I have my own saying too and i dare to recommend those M.C because
"I eat mooncakes more than your consumption of rice"

WARNING***Mooncakes are not only for Chinese, it is also highly recommended for all Malaysians.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tinker Bell exist in this world?

It fluttered into her life and left a little bit of fairy dust.

But no matter how hard Phyllis Bacon scours her garden, she can find no trace of her silver-winged visitor. All she has is this picture.

And as she examines the photo of the tiny glowing creature darting around above her lawn, she finds herself believing in fairies.

Astonished by what she saw when she glimpsed at the picture, she has spent months seeking a rational explanation.

But after scouring the internet for pictures of butterflies, moths and beetles that might match it, she has drawn a blank.

'Looking back, I think there was a fungi fairy ring in the garden at the time I took the picture, but I don't really know what to make of it all.

'To be honest, I don't know what it is and I'm keen to listen to anyone's suggestions. But until someone can tell me otherwise I'm going to go on thinking it's a fairy.'

Malaysia Football Wonderkid

i can't believe what i jus watched...Malaysia do have a wonderkid in football..Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal..11 years old..born to a malaysian ( his dad)..but currently residing in America.

1 thing for sure, with proper guidance..this kid will definitely be a superstar!
hopefully FAM can keep track of him...AND persuade him to represent Malaysia in the future.

Take a look at the video, you'll witness his amazing talents. He can shoots, dribbles, have killer pass and wonderful first touch. He's fast and tricky too.Guess what, he can did trick like Ronaldinho

Please bear in mind that he's only 11 years old. He outperformed lads of his age.

its a shame that i'm not able to share the video here. the format of the video i possess is not supported by blogspot..too bad..and youtube is block i can't find the link in it too..SORRY..but yal can search for this talented Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal in youtube. Just search his name and his amazing video will be there..ENJOY!!!

Latest@@@@ go to this link to watch this wonderkid in action!
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