Sunday, March 27, 2011

Up Close with Paul Parker,Ex- Man Utd and England player!

Manchester United grabs a vital win against Bolton last Saturday courtesy of Berbatov’s goal. That match was good enough to seal my week but the fun did not stop there, the next day- Sunday, was the best Sunday I ever had thus far.

On that day, I got the chance to meet with one of Man Utd former player- Paul Parker. My first ever meeting with a Man Utd player at close distance ;p Well, guess a lot don’t know who is Paul Parker. The same goes to me! When the administrator for Official Malaysia Manchester United Fan Club told me Paul Parker is coming next week, first thing that comes to my mind, ‘Who is this guy”?

So, I searched for him. His name doesn’t sound familiar because he’s not from my era. Brief intro on Paul Parker- he joined Man Utd from QPR for £1.7 million at 1992. He picked up League Cup Winner's Medal as his first medal in Man.Utd shirt following a 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the final. 

For season 91/92 English Premier League, United looked favourites for the title with four games remaining, however, injury again cost them of the services of Paul and the side lost three consecutive games to hand the title to Leeds United. He returned to league action in October 1992 and soon re-established himself. Having come so close the previous season, United didn't make the same mistakes again and romped to their first Championship for 26 years.

Paul scored his first goal for the club with the final effort in a 4-1 win against Spurs on 9th January 1993. He made his final appearance in a 3-0 win against Reading in the FA Cup on 27th January 1996, scoring his second goal for the club as a parting gift. He left on a free transfer in the summer of 1996.

During Parker's five-year career at Old Trafford, he won won a League Cup winners medal in 1992, a Premiership title medal a year later, and another Premiership title medal and the FA Cup a further year on. Gary Neville’s emergence saw Parker losing the right back spot for both club and country.

Paul Parker’s transfer of £1.7 million during 1991 is a lot of money! For comparison, Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona left Leeds for Manchester United for £1.2 million on 26 November 1992. Noticed that? Parker cost more than Cantona!

Parker arrived at Club house at around 1.30pm, greeted by the crowds who waited for him since morning. Parker is at my height, 172cm 180cm. Lol. So now we know height is definitely not a constraint for Asian players to be successful in BPL.

Fan club’s chief, Lawrence How, brought parker for a tour around the house. This tour is A MUST for all Devils fan! That’s my first time touring the club house as well. All the collections in the club are amazing! Parker pointed at a sketch of Man.Utd players’ lineup for 1992 League Cup Final as his first taste of success with Man.Utd.

From Parker’s look, you can see he was impressed with the wide range of memorabilia in the club! I am as well. Do you know the club set aside a room for Eric Cantona memorabilia. A room only for the “The King”.

After the tour, we had an autograph and photograph session with Paul Parker. Everyone can be seen lining up to get his autograph. Some brought along their nostalgic Man Utd jersey for his signature. Some get his autograph on a photo of himself. I’m not a person that fancies autograph, so I didn’t bring anything for his signature. Photographs mean a lot more than autograph from my opinion.

Then, we had a group photo session with Paul Parker @ England first choice right back for most of the early nineties! In conclusion, nothing can beat that experience thus far for me. Well..meeting Eric Cantona and the rest of the Red Devils can beat this! :)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attended Premiere Screening for "Sucker Punch"

Thanks to Nuffnang again, I managed to get invites to watch “Sucker Punch” Premiere Screening at 1-Utama. My expectation on this movie was so high because it is directed by “300” director, that was nice movie!

I will definitely recommend this movie to my friends. The marketing for Sucker Punch is unbelievable. You might think that Baby Doll is the prettiest among the five sucker puncher, but to me, she’s the least pretty. She’s the lead actress, so of course we expect something special about her. The only thing special about her is she’s the only blonde among the girls. The character “Blonde” by Vanessa Hudgens is not a blonde at all.

In the end, I got no complain. Sucker Punch is a nice movie. The storyline is a bit similar to “Inception”. For more about Sucker Punch, visit or No point for me to write about the movie when you can read about it there.

This is not movie preview post; it is a post to thank Nuffnang for the tickets. Movie preview won’t be this brief =p I am proud because I watch Sucker Punch first before others have the chance to watch it in cinema!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tortoise got running nose! Brought Gokie to the vet!

Human can fall sick, so does the tortoise! My tortoise was contacted with Running Nose Syndrome (RNS) last week. RNS is a norm among star tortoise. Thanks to the rainy season lately, flu comes to Gokie! Common questions by friends when I told them my tortoise having running nose:

a) How you know they got running nose? 
    Same like human. You can notice mucus around their nose! (notice that at photo below?)

b) that also can ah. Never knew tortoise can have that! Then how ah?
    Same like human. We sent them to the Vet. ;p Well, we can leave them like that but if it get serious>> dead!!

Here comes the story. I brought Gokie to the Vet last week. Funny part was, everyone stared at me..because I'm the only one in the clinic without my pet- dog. Everyone was there with their puppies and dogs. I'm there with a paper bag (tortoise in it!) I bet all of them wanted to peep into the paper bag to see what's in it and I purposely close the bag, just to make them curious!

Then, the "nurse" asked me about my pet. Told her its a tortoise and I can hear people around me whispering.."tortoise"..tortoise...Lol..

In the treatment room, Vet took a sample of Gokie's poo and analyse it under microscope! Fuh yor!! Gokie is healthy. RNS is still in early stage. So the vet injected Gokie with vitamins at her leg. They need to pull out her know..Its a tortoise..sure scared! ;p

Vet told me for this first treatment, they will give me a solution (vitamins) to be added to Gokie's drink. First treatment cost me RM45 (injection and solution). I need to bring her back for injection after 3 days for 4 more times. Each injection cost RM 15. So in total, it will cost me RM 105. &*!@*@#(&%

Don't let your tortoise fall sick! Expensive treatment! haha..because of RNS, I had to separate two of my tortoise. kesian!  

Friday, March 18, 2011

UK press can't differentiate between Malaysia and Indonesia! We are part of the Commonwealth and they can't differentiate!

Malaysian can recognize all the countries among the Commonwealth nations but do you think they can do the same to us. I doubt that! Alright, maybe I exaggerate a little bit, not all Malaysian can recognize those nations. Heard of Guyana? What about Belize? Kiribati? Saint Lucia?!!! Never heard of those! What about United Kingdom? Stupid question isn't it?

We know where is UK. Do the people from UK, especially the UK press, know where is Malaysia? Sad to say the answer is NO, they doesn't know where is Malaysia! They thought Malaysia is Indonesia. I repeat, they thought Malaysia is Indonesia. Sad case. Malaysia is part of the Commonwealth members and the leader among all doesn't know how to differentiate between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Read this article and you'll understand why I said UK press doesn't know how to differentiate Malaysia and Indonesia. Dumb "The Sun"! Stupid! Moron! (click link below)

Well, the article is about authorities in Malaysia censoring some lyric from Lady GaGa's latest single, "Born This Way". (That's normal in Malaysia though). What I want to stress here is "The Sun"- The best selling UK mass market tabloid made a big mistake in defining Malaysia as the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

Use our common sense, Malaysia as the most populous Muslim nation in the world? That's Indonesia! Damn It! Get the fact right "The Sun".

One thing correct from "The Sun"..Mariah Carey and Pussycat Dolls were asked to cover up when they were in Malaysia and for your info, Malaysia is one of the country in the whole freakin world that Lady GaGa and Eminem don't want to step into. Told to me by Jason Lo, trusted source! This guy deals with bringing in artists to perform in Malaysia..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joining Nuffnang community is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Satu perkara yang saya menyesal sebaik sahaja saya mendarat di Petaling Jaya adalah tidak menyertai aktiviti Nuffnang dengan segera. I only became active in it after a few months.

To all my friends who have no idea what is Nuffnang>>> go to ( and you'll get a better idea of what it is. Short intro..Nuffnang is a blog advertising company. =p

Now the question is why you all should join. Easy question to be answered! You can.. 

1)  participate in lots of events for FREE (movie screening included) - the best part of joining Nuffnang family for me!
2)  meet more friends 
3)  earn side income $$$$$
4) win some goodies

All the above are positive. Pendek kata, kita untung, tak rugi langsung!

You might wonder how to get invites to those events.

1) You need to blog about topic given..for those who have blog

2) What if you don't have blog? Well you can use twitter via churp churp ( you need to share info about the event to your followers. Got confused with Nuffnang and Churp churp? No worries, just visit the web given and it will clear all your confusion!

3) What if you don't have blog and twitter? [For those who don't have the both, you are pretty outdated!] Go register for either one] But it is still ok if you don't have both. You just need to register with Nuffnang and try to comment on those event post there and if it is creative enough, you might won some invites!

4) Now, what if you are lazy to leave comment? Too bad, no cure for you. 

Since I shifted to PJ, I had participated in 4 of their activities. Itu pun sudah consider sikit..The 4 are
- DiGi Done Right Camp []
- Churpers badminton session
- Global Battle of Bands []
- Movie screening- "I am number Four"

For those in Singapore, you can join as well.

Register yourselves here [] and follow the instructions. There, you can learn how to earn side income through Nuffnang and Churp Churp. Trust me, the registration is very easy.

I see the benefits of joining Nuffnang community, which is why I wanted to share this wonderful community with the rest! Welcome you to Nuffnang family!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Global Battle of Bands 2010 World Finals @ KL Live Centre

I went to Global Battle of Bands (GBOB) at KL Live last weekend courtesy of Nuffnang for being the first 15 to comment on their web, “How will you spend the winning prize worth USD 100k”. For the very first time, GBOB final, was held in Malaysia. Contestants from 18 countries battle for the top honour as the World Champion!

First band to perform, last year champion from China- Rustic. They dressed like those typical chinese from the 70s with that “lion’ hair, tight pants and big shirts.

The unexpected winner- Dubtonic Crew representing Jamaica. Richer by USD100k which I assume they will use to buy weeds back in Jamaica.. lol..Try to link Jamaica with music and we will get reggae for sure. Dubtonic Crew is different from the rest. To my ears, they blended reggae and rock and we get “slow rock”. Are them a worthy champ? Well, from my opinion, there are some bands who perform better than Dubtonic Crew..Etc- The Tillegra Damned (Australia) and Voodoo Vanity (Norway).

One of the judges for the night is Kee Marcello. Marcello who? Heard of the song “Final Countdown” by Europe? Yes? Kee Marcello is the former guitarist for that band! He played “Final Countdown” at the end of the show!!

Bombers, our very own champion was the most supported band (expected). An energetic performance by them. One of the lead guitarists threw his guitar to the floor after their performance! Too high already or either overconfident that he will have money to buy a new one =p and he threw to the crowds who really fight for that guitar! Look at how many hands on the guitar!

Our friendly neighbor, Thailand was represented too- Luminasion. Their lead guitarist, Pop Worawit is one hell of a good shredder! His skills are awesome! We chatted a while after their performance, they are approachable and friendly. We will visit them when we visit Bangkok. Oh ya, mentioned about of their member is very “friendly”@ hamsap.

One of my favorite band, The Tillegra Damned from Australia. I believe they deserved to be in Top 3. Sadly, one of their members took off his pant and shows everyone his nicely polished ass to deliver the message “Kiss My Ass” for disagreeing with the final decision. “Telan lah kekalahan anda dengan hati yang mulia”

I respect Bombers (Malaysia) in that. Though they lost but they didn’t act like a boy without his trousers. You know what I mean..I said that because when I approached them for photo after the show and congrats them..They whispered to me ‘Tak pe, akan cuba lagi’   Seriously, Itu aku tabik! Telan kekalahan dengan hati yang mulia!

Champions from other countries..The Amazing Insurance Salesman from China! What weird is..there are billions of musicians in China, but 2 “mat salleh” represented them!

We got rappers from Morocco- Nope. I love their song. They deserved to be in Top 4. The crowds sing along with them. I have no idea what they rap about but it is very nice to hear. Funny part- we won’t realize if they made a mistake in rapping.

We have Guns N’ Roses performing too!! Experienced from Belgium, they look like Guns N’ Roses!

Scaletta from England. Lead singer dressed like Snow White. One of the very few girls in this edition.

Then, the “green alien” @ Liltle Shrek from Urkraine – Magua. Thumbs up for Magua’s performance.

Prettiest band among all comes from Norway- Voodoo Vanity. Lead guitarist looks like a damn hot pretty girl. They can sing, they can play, they can make up..and They definitely ROCKZ!

Before the judges announced the winner, our local band “Hujan” performed. KL Live hamper hujan!

Congrats to all the champions from each countries..and Jamaica, not only good in athletic but they can rock as well. Dubtonic Crew- cheers!

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets!
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