Sunday, January 22, 2012

“I managed to overcome the challenges in Outward Bound, what are other challenges compared to my OBS experience”

“I managed to overcome the challenges in Outward Bound, what is this challenge compared to my OBS experience”. That is the reminder that I keep telling myself whenever I faced any challenges since I came back from OBS. With OBS, I get to test my mental toughness, learnt how to handle myself at such situation, know more about my colleagues and knowing how to work in a group.

During the first two days at OB, we learnt how to work in a group in a normal condition. The normal condition refers to everyone when they are at their relaxing mood. We learnt on the manners to wait for everyone before our meal. Before each meal, all of us can be seen working together to clean the utensils, cups, plates, table and others.

The challenge in OBS started once we rowed our whaler on the third day. Departing from OB and expecting to reach Pulau Rumbia, located 35km away, we were told that it will take us around 6-7 hours due to the condition of going against the sea waves.  After rowing non-stop for 3 hours, our whaler was still around OB. Main reason is we are rowing against the waves plus we are still adapting to the whaler. Only after 12 noon, we managed to row away from OB heading towards Pulau Rumbia.

Jenq and Vincent kept giving command “Dip, row, up” during the entire journey! During the rowing, I observed my colleagues and was impressed by their determination to reach Pulau Rumbia.  Cycling for 35km is already an amazing feat for me, let alone rowing that distance. My only doubt after we depart was not whether we can reach the destination but it was can we reach there in 7hours, judging from how we rowed against the waves in the morning. 

Finally, at 6pm we reach Pulau Rumbia! 2 hours off the targeted time but all of us were really relieve and satisfied.  What makes that experience more meaningful was when our instructor, Azmi told us that our group was one of the best he ever seen because of our discipline during the journey and we never give up and work as a team to reach Rumbia.

Once we touched down at Rumbia, all of us worked according to their task as planned the night before. Instructor helped us to set up our tent since the day was turning dark and we successfully set up our own fire and cook for dinner. Jia Li, elected as the chef, takes the responsibility seriously based from the way she planned the meal, she asked for our request and worked with what was provided. The experience of sleeping in the tent reminds me of my scouting days.

The next day, we need to wake up early for our breakfast and packing for our next journey. Pulau Rumbia to Pulau Syawal, with distance of 40km appears to be the toughest test for us.  The wave was favoring us in the early morning. One of the experiences that I would never forget is having myself tied to a rope to pee in the sea. During the journey, I am very proud with my colleagues because their never say die attitude inspire me as well. I wanted to just give up, sit back and relax when again and again, we rowed nonstop, but the wave kept pushing us back. I shouted out loud to release my frustration. 

 I believe this experience pushed my mental toughness a step further. When we are under frustration, we tend to wanting to release the anger beneath by lashing out at others.  I managed to control myself from doing so. That is what I always called mind over matters.

I did things in OB that I never did before in my life, digging a hole to pass motion not only once but twice and I did that accompany by my friends! The experience on handling a whaler is another one that I treasure the most. Going through all the challenges with all the Management Associate is one that I will always keep in my mind. This is because after OB, it will be the end of our training period, all of us need to go their separate way. We are no longer Management Associate. Outward Bound will stay deep with my memory and I will definitely suggest my friends for it!

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