Friday, November 18, 2011

Look at the small sagging boobs from this celebrity!

Look at the photo below. Look at that long curly hair and half-naked lady. Don't you think this old lady got a small boobs! No? Alright...distance yourself from the screen and see again. Small boobs isn't it. and a sagging one. 

That's a guy! That's Steven Tyler! That's the judge from American Idol. *puke* 

From that photo, he looks like Halle Berry in James Bond movie. 

Media is calling that "moobs" which derived from man breasts. They said this as the curse of 'man breasts'.

Spotted while he's having his holiday in Hawaii, Tyler needs some lifting in the gym!

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Filipino teaches you how to dance in a club..and don't give a Puck =p

It's been a while since I blog! Watch this video on "How to dance in a club" when we have limited space. The lady in the video sounds like a Filipino to me but her English is  bad. Put her language command aside, we focus at her 'dance lesson". 

First lesson: You don't have the right to fist pump all night, because at some point, your armpit are going to sweat. and don't you say that no one will notice it. because...we can see it, we can peel (feel) it and sometimes we can smell it. 

Notice whenever she pronounced the words 'f' it will turn out to be "p". Example, five- pive....finger- pinger....feel- peel...front- pront..and worst, she pronounced fuck as puck. Yeah from our usual WTF, hers is WTP =p

The "Single, single..double,double" lesson is good and creative, rather than shaking your body whole night!

ALERT: You can only fist pump when your armpit are dry!

You didn't drink but you already look like you are drunk!

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