Friday, October 14, 2011

Met Taio Cruz and Mizz Nina! Thanks to Guinness Malaysia.

When Taio Cruz came down to Malaysia for Arthur's Day celebration, I won an invite to Meet 'n Greet session with him at  Palace of the Golden Horses. All thanks to this post, ( Mentioned in the e mail, only 20 lucky winners are selected for this session. Hell yes, I am one of the lucky 20! 

I waited for around 1 hour before I can meet Taio Cruz. Now, listen to my story. 

While waiting for Taio, I was ushered into another press conference room where the media were interviewing Hong Kong-based rock duo, Soler. So I took that chance to take photos with them and recorded some video. This twin brothers, Julio & Dino Acconci are really good looking. 

Surprisingly, when I told my friend about Soler, not even know who the hell are them. My friends are so freaking outdate! Well probably most of my friends listen to English songs. The same to me actually, I don't know much about Soler. I heard of them but never listen to their music before. 

After the interview with Soler ended, coincidently I met Mizz Nina outside the press room. She was going to leave and straight away, I asked for a photo with her. 

Hello, it's Mizz Nina, our Malaysian hot female artist who worked with Colby O'Donis and Flo Rida in her debut single, "What you waiting for" and "Take off". At first glance, I couldn't recognised that's Mizz Nina until I saw the crowd surrounding her. Guess what's the reason? Girls without make up looks very different. :) 

Then, its our time to meet Taio! That was supposed to be a Meet 'n Greet session with Taio Cruz, so the person in charge (PIC) separate us into two groups and gathered the guests' diary, posters, tickets, papers and gifts for Taio Cruz's autograph. Me, not a big fan of autograph, so I didn't bring anything but I quickly grab an introductory note given to media for his autograph after all the guests search around them for note. That's Kiasu!

 I mean myself. My introductory note on him was returned clean because Taio refused to sign on the paper. ;p Maybe he felt insulted a fan ask for his autograph on such note. 

Minutes later, we were told that there will no longer be a Meet 'n Greet session, only a photograph session. Instruction by Taio's manager. Thinking that without the Meet 'n Greet session, at least I can still utilize my camera! BUT lady luck wasn't with us that day. No photograph with own camera are allowed. Only with official photographer. We were informed on that just after we entered the room. I assume this was due to his image copyright. 

In conclusion, I went all the way to Palace of the Golden Horses, waited for one hour for Taio Cruz and met him for less than 30 seconds. 30 seconds? Am I serious? Fark of course I am! I went into the room, straight away pose for photos, photos taken and went off. All that under 30 seconds. 

Though I voice out my displeasure here, I am very thankful to Guinness Malaysia for giving me the chance to meet Taio Cruz. Without Guinness Malaysia, I won't be able to meet Taio Cruz. To Arthurs! Cheers!

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