Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls like it when guys can make that thing stand UP HiGH and HARD. Just Agree with me!

I want to share this topic about “Making it Stand” because me, as a guy, I need to make it stand everyday. On why I didn’t choose a straight forward title, we are still in Malaysia, better play it safe or I guess I’m a slicker. For guys, if you didn’t make it stand, the girls might not like it. This is not a conclusion because some girls prefer those who can’t make it stand. Isn’t that loser! Lol..

Let’s put the spotlight back to me. What makes mine stand for so long? It depends on the weather. If it is hot, it won’t stand long and vice versa. It can stand naturally, but I prefer to force it to stand. Standing naturally means regardless of who I met, it will still stand that way.  I just dislike it when mine stand naturally, because I don’t think mine is nice to see. I guess majority of the guys are in the same opinion.

By forcing it to stand, I feel comfortable and the best part is I enjoy the process of making it stand. I have to do this everyday! How I force stand it? I need to apply to and fro motion, meaning a repeating action, something like back and forth.

The time to stand it up is one major concern. No one will wait for you if you need long time, Loser! Even the ladies will complain you’re like a girl if you take long time to stand it up. Sometimes the ladies make no sense when they keep complaining the guys take so much time to make it stand, they should realize if they want to feel good with the guy, let the guy have his time to stand it up. They wouldn’t want the fun to be cut short.

It only takes me 5 minutes to apply the back and forth motion and making it stand. 5 minutes is pretty fast isn’t it. No one should complain about this. The 5 minutes of work can last for whole day. I’m not exaggerating, it is true. With correct “lubricant” used, it can make it stand for very long time.

The stronger it stands, the more people will want to touch it! Well of course I only want the girls to touch it. Once I make it stand, some girls close to me can’t stop staring at it. Some guys are envy of this. What to do, they can’t make themselves one stand. *I feel like I’m a bit syiok sendiri here*

I’m not trying to portrait myself as one who can make it stand hard in minutes and make it last for whole day.(Normally when people say they’re not trying to do this…they actually mean it!) I just want to share with the guys on this product that I found it very helpful to make mine stand, so why not I share it with the rest.

Taaaaa daaaaa…Introducing “Gatsby Radical Fix Styling Gel- Wet and Hard type” Notice the word Hard!!! I tried so many type of hair styling products, ranging from wax, clay, cream, spray and gel. Finally I found this Gatsby Radical Fix Styling Gel- Wet and Hard type that really suits my hair. As mentioned in the photo, I can freely arrange my hair with a resilient finish!  Get more info here <>

If you refer to the photo on “how to use” section, it mentioned “apply a small dab on your hand. Spread it evenly with your fingers or comb and apply it onto your hair and hair ends”. Anyone still use a comb to style their hair nowadays? That’s so uncle style. Forget about the comb! Everything should be done with our own fingers! Just like when you are eating crabs! I style it differently, in a back and forth motion, to be more precise, I pull my hair so that it can stand high and straight.

Come back to the question on this post, did I really teach anyone on how to make it stand high and hard? No I didn't. With correct lubricant@ gel, anything is made possible. Style your hair the way you want it. "Just The Way You ARe"

This post wasn’t meant to mislead the readers into thinking it is about something else other than styling hair. It is the readers dirty mind that think that way!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Riding Hood movie..just like Twilight..because of the same Director!

Red Riding Hood 2011, in short, is like a vampire movie to me. Well, it was directed by Twilight’s director, so what else can you expect? Ask this first, what do we have in Twilight?

In Twilight, we have 2 hot and handsome guys as lead actors and an above average looking lady as lead actress! 

So it is the same in Red Riding Hood. Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons as the lead actors and Amanda Seyfried the lead actress. Seyfried who? Remember her in Mamma Mia???? Ah ha! She’s the one!

For the 2 actors, they are basically no one before this movie. They might still remain no one after this movie  ;p  Interesting info to share, for those who watch Gossip Girl series, Shiloh Fernandez actually appeared in one of the episode. One more interesting one, Shiloh lost the Twilight role to Robert Pattinson!!

Do you know why I didn’t mention a single shit about Max Irons? Because he is really no one before this movie. Just go Wikipedia him and the story of Red Riding Hood. That’s what I always said in my movie preview (go Wikipedia the story for the movie)>>lame. (

We all read the story of Red Riding Hood since we were just a kid. But for those that don’t have such childhood memory, go and read the short story. I pity those who just clicked the attached link. are boring as a kid, do you? ;p

So now that you have read the kid’s version, you have a brief idea of what to expect from the movie! The kid’s version will only make up 5% of the story. 95% of the story happened before Red Riding Hood met the wolf inside her granny’s cottage.

Red Riding Hood is a bit like Scream 4, cause it will keep you guessing who is the werewolf. Is it her granny, her mum, her dad, Peter or Henry.  The least expected one is always the culprit!

Red Riding Hood’s granny was portrait as a creepy lady. She smiles like a ghost. Honestly, that is neither sweet nor normal. Like a ghost! She smiles with “udang sebalik batu” look, guess they want us to suspect her as the wolf.

One thing 100% between the movie and cartoon is the conversation between granny and Red Riding Hood.

“Little Hood asked Granny “what big ears you have got".  "All the better to hear you with, my child" replied granny. "And what big eyes you have" "All the better to see you with, my dear." 

She saw the big teeth of her granny and asked her again "What big teeth you have”. "The entire better to eat you with," cried her granny and jumped on the little girl.”

If you are the one who love Twilight movie, you will love this movie as well. It is not a bad movie though. I like it, no complain since it is free! =p Got handsome lead actors, girls sure like it!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wet my pant while watching "Scream 4". Watch with your girlfriend!!!

I wet my pant after watching ‘Scream 4’. Well, this movie is scary, but it is not the reason that wet my pant. I spilled my drink on my pant! :)

I’m not going to explain the story line for Scream 4. Go Wikipedia and you can search for the story. 

Well, Scream 4 is a must watch movie….with your girlfriend! Because

1) It’s time to “bermesra-mesra” with your girlfriend..because this movie really will scare the shit out of them! So, it’s time for you to be hero..Say to them..”Don’t scare” and can wrap your arm around them.

2)  I did mention “Scream 4” will scare the shit out of them! Which mean whatever “perangai busuk” of them will be revealed..Example, girlfriend might shout “FUCK” when she got frightened. Such words come out naturally. For the girls, you can see how pussy is your boyfriend. Do he close his eyes when watching it..Lol

Watching Scream 4 makes me realize how scary movie like this will have similarities.

1) Hot chicks @ big boobs chicks will be lead actress..and sad part is they will always die! Damn. Potong steam! Just look at Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere.

2) The slasher will always escape VERY fast..sekelip mata saja after slasher was hit, he will disappeared like flash.

3) As usual, slasher will run very fast from one location to another. Make no sense. Act like flash again. But in Scream 4, it makes sense why the slasher can run so fast from one location to another. Watch to find out why!

4) Everytime after got stabbed, victims will vomit blood straight away. How true is that?

Do you know in Scream 4,

1) Slasher shoots the “precious part” of one of the guy. Sakit giler! Shocked when slasher shoots there cause never expect that will happen in Scream 4. OOuchhh…After aiming the “precious one”..straight aim for the head!

2) Slasher reveal his her face! So I guess no more Scream 5 ;p

3) This show potraits the slasher as a bit strong. In the hospital, slasher can wake up immediately from her bed after knowing Sidney Prescott hasn’t died. Slasher still can wake up to kill after electrocuted.

4) Sheriff Dewey is the most useless sheriff in the movie. He always arrives late to the scene, didn’t help to solve the case at all, can’t shoot the slasher at all. He might be a hero in previous sequel, but he is a pussy in Scream 4!

5) Though Scream 4 is a scary movie, there are some funny parts too. One big example is when the slasher tries to create an alibi by banging herself to everything.  Watch and I bet you’ll find it funny too!

My advice to all of you..Don’t Fuck with the Original! (You'll know what I mean after you watch Scream 4) 

My heart skipped a few beats while watching Scream 4. So you all beware la when watch it.Watch with your girlfriend!!!

Oh ya..a very BIG thank YOU to Nuffnang for giving me the tickets to Scream 4 Premiere Screening at 1 Utama.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playing trance song on a guitar!! Phewww

I never seen anyone can play a trance song on a guitar. What this guy did is simply awesome. First time listening to it, thought it's a fake one with trance music as backup while he's playing guitar. Once finish with the video, I salute him! He's playing the song with his damn guitar! Fork Eat! 

Wondering why he wants to cover up his face? He can be famous! He make me wanna listen to Techno now! Chao!

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