Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Videos from Orianthi's concert...

According to you...

Shut up and kiss me..Part 1

Shut up and kiss me..Part 2


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Malaysians should listen to songs from EACH RACES to achieve 1 Malaysia

Our prime minister, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abd Razak kept promoting his lifelong dream in 1 Malaysia, where he wished to have a united, peaceful and prosperous Malaysia, with abundant opportunities for all citizens. Whether this campaign is a success or failure, it remains to be seen. 

I have an idea for our PM on how he can achieve his dream! By encouraging Malaysians to listen to songs from each races. Eg- Malays listen to chinese/indian songs...chinese listen to malay song..and the same for Indian as well.

Of course there are Malaysians who already did that, but we need more Malaysians to do that, so that there will be 1 Malaysia! That sounds a bit difficult huh..but I believe nothing is impossible. Enclosed below are Chinese,Indian and Malay songs that I can suggest...(this is the actual reason for this post ;p)

Well..I have to admit I didn't listen to much Indian songs..But there are a few that really impressed me till now. is still in my mp3 list. Won't get bored listening to it again and again. Shah Ruh Khan's Chaiyya Chaiyya. A song so easy to just need to know Chaiyya Chaiyya and you can sing most of the song already. Aint that easy to have 1 Malaysia ;p

Listen to Chaiyya Chaiyya (remix)...Move your body along with the music please! You'll looks like weirdo if you sing this song without moving your body! At least move your head front and back!

Next are Malay songs. I listen to a lot of Malay songs..half of the songs in my handphone are Malay songs! That include bands from Indonesia. What I can suggest here are...

1) Peterpan (even my brother listen to them!)
2) Bunkface (yes..the hottest Malaysian band right now)
3) Faizal Tahir
4) Kangen band
5) Estranged

Duh..the list just won't end..Its too much..but do listen to Aizat-Pergi....composed by Pete Teo..A very very emotional can't sing this song nicely if you sing without any emo!

Do listen to Kangen Band as well...they have a lot of hitz songs...I can simply pick one...(14 hari) 

I'll feel guilty if I didn't promote Bunkface as well ;p but only for "rock kaki"...introducing (Situasi)...Diskriminasi menjatuhkan aku....Reputasi kini menjadi bisu....

Though I can't write or read in chinese...That didn't stop me from listening to it. It is just the same for Malaysians. You don't know a single word in what! Recommendation for chinese Jay Chou, Wang Leehom,..duh..the list is even longer here..

listen to this song by Jay...Hua Sha (sand painting)...sometimes I don't even know a single word from Jay's song..but his songs are so good that you don't even need to know its lyric! That's for me of course. ;p 

Then, we have Leehom...with (wei yi- only one) emotional song.

Finally, let me introduce you to this English song..What special about this song is the singers are Mizz Nina from "Teh Tarik Crew"....local babe..duet with Colby O "What you waiting for". I must listen to this song every night..and I'm so proud of Mizz Nina...

So what's your name..hey baby what's your name...sexys my name yea sexys my name

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photos with Orianthi after her concert!

Just came back from my convocation..Yahoo! but this post is not about my convo..Its about me and friend taking photos with Orianthi! That's way better than getting a degree..Oops ;p Seriously, we were really excited after Orianthi concert.

Because we manage to grab some guitar picks thrown by Orianthi. I don't care if there's comment that those picks are sold at market for only RM 1. But it is the fact that Orianthi threw those picks herself that make those picks a bit valuable! It makes you feel connected to Orianthi, because you're having her stuff..haha..

Before we went into Life Centre, we saw Orianthi arrived in a silver Toyota Alphard. And THAT car coincidently parked at the same floor with us. So, as Orianthi fan..of course we act like paparazi and wait for her. There's another 2 "paparazi" waiting for Orianthi as well. Initially, we thought they were reporters. But they're not! They're just like us.

After waiting for 30-45 minutes, Orianthi's band (drummer, guitarist and bassist) were the first to appear. So we wasted no chance in taking photo with her guitarist@ that cool, short, talented long hair bloke! He's friendly too, keep thanking us for coming  and did not hesitate to say YES when we asked for a photo with him. 

Too bad, the rest of the band (drummer and bassist) jumped into the car so soon, so we're unable to have their photo taken..

Minutes after Orianthi's band left, that Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist came out from the exit! Wow!!! Remember the other 2 "paparazi" that I mentioned, they acted like Orianthi's freaky fans..haha..That's actually a compliment for them..not to tease them! 

Straight away, that 2 "paparazi" begged Orianthi to take photos with US.. ;p (There's only 4 fans waiting for Orianthi at car park, in case you miss the count earlier)

If I'm Orianthi, I'll feel a bit disappointed.because only 4 fans waiting for me.

So, in order not to disappoint Orianthi, I acted like her freaky fan as well. I asked her..

"Orianthi, can you take a photo with me please...please..pleaseeeeee..."

She replied me, 'Yeah..sure..sure..sure..." ....haha..She really answered me "sure" for 3 times. I love that kind of respond!

Then, 2 'paparazi" told Orianthi how much they love her show.. ;p

Orianthi replied "I love Malaysia..I like the weather"

Orianthi like the weather??? She really did? Malaysia is so hot..but I guess she's HOT, so she likes HOT as well. Don't you think so?

Hey look at Orianthi's sexy lip! hehe..

and my friend, Calvin asked for her autograph on his guitar..I bet that guitar price will sky rocket to a few thousand....err...Signed autograph by Orianthi wor..should be can fetch thousand what!

Even after Orianthi left, me and Calvin were still excited. Come on, we just met Orianthi, hug Orianthi and took photos with Orianthi...What more can you wish for! We HIGH-5 all the way back home lo..over excited! and I didn't wash my hand after hand shake with Orianthi...for a few hours..until I smell no more of her perfume ;p

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going to Orianthi Live is wonderful enough...Taking photos with Orianthi>>that's totally HEAVEN!

Well, today wasn't a good day for me..but that was totally cured by attending Orianthi's Live at Life Centre,KL. Totally cured! What do we know about Orianthi other than her being Michael Jackson lead guitarist in the movie "This Is It" and her smash hits: According to you and Shut Up and Kiss Me? 

Well, I still know Orianthi play with Steve Vai as well..and that's all that I know about her..but who cares? I'll still go to her concert! :) I bought Rock Zone ticket but I think my location is way better than those at VIP seats. VIP have their seats, but their distance with the stage is the furthest and they can't reach for any guitar picks thrown by Orianthi and her band! So no clear and nice photo for the VIPs. Too bad.

Notice anything similar between this photo and my ruumz photo?...Both are in Manchester United shirt!..hehe

Before we went to the stage, I noticed Prem from Fly Fm dressed in a skirt. Wasn't sure what's happening..Maybe he lose some bet against Jules and punished to wear that? Attractive though..haha

Ok..4 things that excites me the most are: 
a) I get to see Orianthi singing her hits and shredding her guitars! Awesome!
b) I manage to grab 3 of Orianthi's guitar picks..she just threw it to the crowds
c) the most important one- I manage to hug her and have her photos taken!! Tell me I'm not dreaming!
d) I manage to take lots of her photos..phewww

I can't remember the name for this sweet girl..she's opened for Orianthi..She's good..I mean her voice..A young talent! 

Then Hunny Madu as the host..sambil eating lolipop sambil hosting the huh.

Orianthi plays with her guitar and singing songs from her album..sad to admit..I just know 3 of her songs..hehe..1 thing that the crowds can observed in Orianthi is this girl is ANOTHER PERSON when she's with her guitar. Fuh..she's like having drugs..very HIGH! I guess that's her talent..she really enjoying herself while playing her guitar. Look at below photo.

Look at those guitar picks along Orianthi's mic. stand...I manage to take 1 thrown by her! fuhlamak!

Guess what, Orianthi show off her skill as well..She lie down on the floor and shred her guitar ( Yes I know lying down is not a skill but you can see her skills while she's playing) I'm not a guitar expert but I can sense she play well with her guitar... :) Enjoy those photos

What did I learn after watching Orianthi perform?...I'll definitely "Shut up and Kiss her"

I'm thrilled everytime I saw Orianthi perform her solo skill..especially the one in her hitz songs>>According to you and Shut up and kiss me..can't stop cheering...

O...R...I...A...N..T...H....I...  Would you marry me...(I'm a freak!) 

This is Orianthi's guitarist..He may be small but this guy can rock the show!!.. jangan main main!

Lovely..leaning onto each other...

That was cool, isn't it..

Haven't notice photo of me with Orianthi?

PS- I'll share my photos taken with Orianthi and possibly, her video at next post. Will post it after coming back from my convo..hehe

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guys can camwhore perfectly when they are DRUNK!

The exact meaning for camwhore is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods. How accurate is this? For Malaysian, camwhore doesn't mean that! 

Malaysian camwhore means someone who like to take photos of himself or herself whenever and wherever they like, minus the exchange for goods or money! 

Yes..camwhore for Malaysian means that person "syiok sendiri"/ SS as well.  Ok..girls camwhore all the time! But what about the boys? Boys can have self- obsession as well but not as "syiok" as the girls. 

What I mean with guys camwhore is basically a bunch of guys taking pictures of themselves and not when they're with some girls. But how come guys didn't camwhore as often as the girls? 

Answer: a) because the guys need to protect their "machoness"
             b) because guys are meant to be cool?
             c) because guys are created that way?
             d) because guys have no cleavage to show?
             e) your answer......

Which one would you choose? On why I ask this question, because I am a person who love to camwhore of course. ;p But sometimes there is no such "cooperation" from my friends to camwhore with me..haha...

I guess Malaysian have this mindset that guys camwhore is a GAY activity. wtf! Am I right? Hell yes..I memang "syiok sendiri" now- questioning and answering all by myself. 

All right, the moral of this post is simple- guys have to camwhore more often to make it a trend! 

Below are photos of me camwhoring...No cooperation is needed..just syiok sendiri.. ;p

When I'm too boring while friends are doing their stuff, so I think...think...

When the beach scenery is too beautiful..sure SS..Look at the lense..Friends are looking at me while I camwhore

When I get to watch "things" that will excite all the males..fuh..

When me and friends are enjoying ourselves at a trip..

Tips for the guys: You can camwhore perfectly when you are drunk! No kidding..Because at that time, you won't give a damn about your "machoness", "coolness"...It is the best time to camwhore!

We are a bit drunk..But that was enough to relax ourselves and take crazy photos.

Look at the position of my friend, "ngam" with the bottle

Wooo...Chang beer

Please..we still want Chang beer

Remember Kentucky Fried chicken's tagline "Its finger-lickin' good"..It is the same here..but its the bottle, not the fingers

Ahhhh...Chang beer really good

Muacksss..I love it!

and so, we helped to promote Chang beer!

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