Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mum's antique coins collection

Last weekend, I helped my mum to clean her collection of coins..she kept it in a small box. The thing that amazes me the most was some of the coins were older than me. I'm just 24, so "tak hairan " if i'm younger than most of the coins collection. 

The greatest part, my mum has a coin that was much more older than her..THAT coin was made in 1934. calculator>>>> 76 years!!! The only thing that pops up in my mind at that time was how much can I sell this coin.. ;p 

Look further into my mum's collection, I found some RM 1 coins that I never see before. That's antique. 

This coin (above) was the same as my nothing to be proud of ;p but it is unique because I'm sure many Malaysian nowadays haven't seen it before, let alone using it. Next, another RM1 coin>>

Sempena "Penganugerahan Taraf Bandaraya" for Kuala Lumpur at 1972. Look further, I get Rm1 coin from 1971. This one is normal, nothing special about it. 

One of the  main difference between this coins and the one that we used to use ( gold in colour) is that coins those days was much more heavier. 

Another special RM1 coin is this>>> SERATUS TAHUN GETAH ASLI

ANother RM 1 will be this during our 30th Independence day. ..Birds were flying...Malaysia terbang bebas!

and the greatest coin among all is this..made in 1934...One Penny..Are the British still using this?

Then, I found this RM1 note.special, mungkin sudah pupus! 

The modern generation probably did't know of this note existence. So if they pick it, they'll throw it away..assuming that it was fake!

Upon checking at, I found a freak selling this Rm1 note for Rm480. Gila....but I love it...because I know it has its value, and I can sell it in the future. I just need to sell it at Rm 460 and I'll gain profit. Fuh..Selling Rm1 for Rm 480...kaya aku!

Friday, June 11, 2010

TV1 cannot air World Cup match due to unavailability of rights? that's announced so so late

wei RTM 1..what the hell happen to you..when I turn on my TV at 9pm to watch World Cup Opening Ceremony at South Africa, I was filled with excitement...rushing through my blood. Finally the tournament I've been waiting for 4 years had arrived. Manatau..TV1 disappoint me so much..They aired this note..

Wtf is going on with RTM..If you doesn't have the RIGHT to air the opening ceremony and first match (South Africa vs Mexico)..Why at the first place do you publish in the newspaper that TV1 have Live Broadcast for that event. One thing for sure..the way TV1 function was bad..Less communication between the person who finalise the deal and advertising department perhaps?

Don't repeat such mistake..I can assure you people will love to have a glimpse of the World Cup by watching its opening ceremony ( I mean those who didn't watch any football- they watch just to keep themselves updated) Yet TV1 did that..useless la..

I guess TV1 will have a lot of explanation to do..I can feel ALL  Malaysian who can't afford to have Astro installed at our house ( of course I'm included) will curse TV1 so badly tonight....TV1 celaka, TV1 bodoh, TV1 bapuk, TV1 busuk, Pengarah TV1 tak mandi..Semua pekerja TV1 bodoh..maybe?  

My mouth may be foul, but I'm saying the fact. Why TV1 announced that they doesn't have the right at the very last minutes?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Second cheque in a week...not bad..

YES..I just received my 2nd cheque in a week. Courtesy of Churp Churp. ( where I just need to tweet through Twitter. Sounds easy huh..but it's really just that simple. Even my niece can do that. 

What we need to do when we got assigned is to make a sentence with the key words given and tweet it..That's it! See example below.

Again, the amount 'tak banyak la..sekadar cukup untuk sara saya semasa World Cup". Eg- buy snacks, McDonalds and other foods. Rather than always online for Facebook, I really thinks we should use internet for this purpose as well. 

I must admit its pretty to earn churp churp money- just tweets to your friends what is given to you and you got paid. 1 tweet can earned me around RM 10, but that's because I have a lot of followers..the more followers you have, the more you earn. So by just twetting 10 times, I can earn RM 100 already. Senang la..No wonder I still shake my leg at home after finishing my semester ;p 

For those who have Twitter account, follow me at chengjitming or jimmy_nettoboy. Yeah..I have 2 accounts ;p Earn more..haha..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanks Nuffnang!!

I am so thrilled right now..just received my first cheque from Nuffnang..Thanks a lot Nuffnang..This mean a lot to me. I really mean a lot..hehe..The amount might not be thousands..but enough for makan-makan during World Cup fever la ;p

I'll buy some snacks for my stomach while watching England World Cup match...reward myself ma..

but then..I need to langsai my hutang to brother with this payment..haha..I went to Bangkok 2 months ago with bro's money. Ayor..I still hutang Taukeh gula Malaysia, Kuok..PTPTN and a few cents to my bro..Mati aku kalau tak cepat cari kerja.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I want Indian Star Tortoise so so badly!!!

" Wa beh tahan liaooo" I want to have that Indian Star Tortoise so grandma owned one..grandma jaga that for years d..from a tiny peanut till it looks like Galapagos tortoise's son now...damn huge..I bet if I throw it to anyone, they sure get hurt.

I want to own that star tortoise since my grandma had one..Plan to steal from her before..haha..That just prove how badly i want it. This tortoise is so special..They live in dry areas..unlike the "cheap" tortoise that we found frequently where their faeces won't mix with water- making it chalky. I experienced that before..water turn smelly..a bit disgusting. With this Star Tortoise, no such problem.

I am a tortoise addict since I'm a lil kid. I once had a 2 "cheap" tortoise with size double of my palm (I was in Form 3 that time... so my hand wasn't small !!!) I went to a pet shop in Ikano last week, they sell this tortoise for RM 600. But the colour is a bit albino..white..the pattern tak setanding my grandma one. 

At Alor Star, one such tortoise is sold for RM 400. So decision made>>> I'll buy one at Alor Star when I back there soon. 

This Star Tortoise was actually my grandma's second tortoise. The first one was stolen when she forgot to bring that tortoise into house that night. Coincidently, THAT night forgot to bring in, THAT night got I guess that thief observed that Star Tortoise for some time. Since that incident, grandma keep that tortoise in her house all the time. Treat it like a king yo!

My grandma even trained that Star Tortoise to be hygienic. It know where and how to shit- ONLY when my grandma put it in water, then it can buang air besar there. Serious..Tortoise can be train like a dog too.. ;p Grandma proves that!! 

Look at the size of that tortoise. The MINIMUM value that it can fetch is around RM 3500 for that size. No kidding. That my grandma's precious one! 

Another thing special about this tortoise..the pattern on its shell..Have a closer look below. That pattern give them the name Indian Star Tortoise.

Someone told my ah ma before, if she notice some number on the shell, faster rush to 4D outlet..cause that's a winning number for sure. A typical chinese huh.. Apa numbor pun boleh beli

My dream tortoise...Indian Star Tortoise..soon I will have one..

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