Friday, May 28, 2010

Rawang's school of terror...belongs to hopeless student

This week, bumi Malaysia digegarkan dengan berita mengenai gangsterism yang wujud di salah sebuah sekolah di Rawang..menyampah dengar berita macam tu..because pelajar bodoh di sekolah tersebut buat samseng sampai merogol pelajar lain. Puiii

(back to English) macha macha..imagine, at just 14 and 16, those students at that Rawang school are already hardcore gangsters and now they are slowly turning themselves into rapists.

Who can blame the teachers, parents and residents around that area for opting to keep quiet. I will be terrified too if I'm of the teacher in that school. I'll tutup sebelah mata juga when dealing with those budak- budak ISTIMEWA.

It was reported that the 14 years old girl had been repeatedly raped by several of her classmates in various location of the school over a three week period. What further surprises me was that a 4cm long pencil had been lodged and a a bottle of minyak cap kapak was emptied into her private parts. That's what we called the work of an animal.

This thing always pop up in my mind..what if we campak those stupid rapist on the street..and let the public to kick, punch, smack, .....err..whatever they want to do to those rapist..buat lah..jangan bagi mati sudah..I don't think any publics will show sympathy to them. Punch those rapist like the way a Chinese man was kick and punch by the police..that video was so hot in Facebook last year.. 

Our purpose of going to school is to study and learn knowledge. Those gangster clearly doesn't want that. They went to school to distribute drugs, commits triad activities, alcoholism, vandalism and sexual crimes. Full stop. That's what their objective of going to school. Tak guna!

The funny thing that was reported as well was there were 3 triads in the school, namely 08, 21 and 36. If triad number is 08, the amount extorted is RM 8. Sounds silly.. ;p Another joke was a student complained to her teacher that she was molested. The teacher respond was rather terencat here. She replied that if it was true the student was molested, she would have been traumatised. Cikgu ni memang gila dan cacat!

Another issue that relates to this Rawang school was some gangsters caught breaking the rules were expelled, BUT they returned within 2 or 3 months. Something going wrong there. I wonder what's going on with the headmaster. Why accept back those rotten apples?

One of the teacher in that school mentioned that the rotten apples' parents used their connection to get their children back to school. So we can draw a conclusion here, most of the rotten apples are golongan kaya. Common sense isn't it. What support this conclusion was when some of the bullies who faced action lodged police reports against teachers and they would come with their lawyers!!! rich ah..don play play with rotten apples yo!

Clearly, the parents were at the blame here. At the first place, did you ask yourself why your son was expelled from the school? (of course not for raping) Why are you still protecting your son..your guilty son..or your rotten apple! And the parents hired lawyer to protect their son...and get them back to school. What's the point doing this? So that your rotten apple could rape more schoolmates? Come on la mum and dad..Shame on you la..Tak tau malu..your rotten son DESERVE to go to sekolah pemulihan. That's where they belong!

My advice to those gangsters (rotten apples/ sampah masyarakat) at THAT Rawang school..Wake up before its too late. Your future are as gelap as lubang hitam if you all continue with THOSE activities. The parents are the same too. Anak dah jahat..sebagai ibu bapa..jangan lah turut jahat..
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