Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inspiring Avatar Landscape in China

Looking for inspiring beautiful scenery in the world? Just find it at China. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, with its soaring steeple of rock topped by a small oasis of trees looks straight out of the 3D blockbuster Avatar.

But this is no special effects illusion, it's a real-life tower of quartz-sandstone deep in the rugged mountain terrain of southern Hunan in China. Below pic shows the floating peak in Avatar movie.

The 3,544ft Southern Sky Column became the inspiration for the magical 'floating peaks' in James Cameron's film after a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008.

The mountain previously known as the 'Southern Sky Column' in China, which has now been named the 'Avatar Hallelujah Mountain'

Now as film fans flock to see the column, the column has had its named officially changed to 'Avatar Hallelujah Mountain'.

On why the authorities doing that?....Profit of course! 'Avatar' has so far made around $80 million in China, and has become the country's most popular film ever. Zhangjiajie hopes to capitalise on that fame.

The municipal government even added this at their web 'Pandora is far but Zhangjiajie is near,'

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiger Woods secret affairs revealed by Elin Nordedgren

Tiger Woods's wife Elin Nordedgren discovered his infidelity when she texted one of his mistresses pretending to be her love cheat husband. Nordegren texted Rachel Uchitel while her husband was asleep. All those dialogues were taken from trusted sources and even from Elin herself!!

At first, Tiger convinced Uchitel to talk to Elin. The two women spoke by phone for about half an hour, and after the conversation, she was satisfied that the relationship was platonic. Phewww...Tiger must be very relieve at that moment.

Here's the best part, After Woods fell asleep, Elin looked through his cellphone. There she found text messages to Uchitel's number.

Among them she discovered one that said: “You are the only one I've loved.

Then, Nordegren began to text Uchitel pretending to be Woods. The text looks like this...
Elin: I miss you. When are we seeing each other again?”

Uchitel texted back, seemingly surprised that Woods was awake.

Elin specifically felt that this response indicated that the two of them spoke earlier that night.

Then, Elin called Uchitel, who answered thinking it was Tiger calling.

Uchitel's surprised reply, according to what Elin told one source, was “Oh fuck”. ‘She immediately hung up

And that spell the end of Tiger Wood's affair with 19 woman. Full stop for his career as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Differences between an Original and fake Nike tag (Part 2)

As I mentioned before at my first post on this issue (, the jersey tag is actually the greatest betrayer other than its quality. So let me share with you all what are the details in the tag that expose that the jersey is a fake one!

From the pictures below, the tag on the left belongs to original Nike whereas the right represent the fake Nike. If we observe both tags carefully, we can found that,

1) Fake tag doesn't have additional code/word on its extreme upper right. Original Nike will have this detail on the tag...For Sure!!!

2) As far as I am concern, there is NO blue sticker on the tag. Absolutely NO. All the tag should have RED sticker. Not pink. Not dark red. Just RED.

3) The spacing of the details in the sticker should be given attention. Original Nike tag has much wider spacing. Look at fake tag, the details are so pack.

Next, we can refer to the tag sewed with the shirt/jersey.

Original Nike tag are meant for education purposes. It educate us on how to wash our shirt/jersey the proper way.

In the fake tag, the information are nonsense. Rubbish!! Look at pic below. That fake tag translate the sentence "Keep Away From Fire" in so many languages. This is stupid.

Second nonsense, fake tag translate the type of materials used "100% Polyester" in multi language.

In short, fake Nike tag merely act as translator. It is not meant to educate us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Environment Friendly Cigarette....Rechargeable!!

I came across this article at The Star last Sunday which I found really interesting. ( Maybe I'm a bit outdated for knowing this creation now, but I'm sure lot of my friends (non- smokers) doesn't know about that either.

Hails the best creation around>>>> E- Cigarette

E- Cigarette looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette but doesn’t hurt you, the ones around you or the environment. This micro-electronic technology does deliver a true smoking experience, only without the tobacco smoke and tar. Sounds cool huh..(You can smoke, but that won't hurt your health)

This cool stuff contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine and tobacco scent and, instead of exhaling smoke, you exhale harmless vapors. >>>Environment friendly cigarette.

You won't hear your mum mumbling you not to smoke any more, but she might offer you an option, " If you really want to smoke, go for E- cigarette". ;p

In short, its like your body receives all the nicotine it craves but without all the other nasty stuff, it’s a dream come true and best of all you can legally smoke it indoors. If you search more for this, you'll discover that this cigarette is rechargeable!!! Via a USB port..phewww...

No doubt, E- cigarette provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking or as a device to help you quit. My opinion, government should provide free sample of E- Cigarette so that those who are deadly addicted to cigarette/ can't afford to quit can own one.

"Smoke a Healthy Way"
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