Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mafia hitman strikes outside a Naples bar

This is the chilling moment a Mafia boss is gunned down by a hitman outside a bar.

His attacker then stands over him and finishes him off with a single shot to the back of the head before strolling away.

Police in Naples, where the local Mafia are known as the Camorra, released the CCTV footage to try to catch the hitman. They believe the killing of Mario Bacio Terracino , 53, was part of a feud with a rival gang over the control of lucrative drug trafficking network.

Tarracino is seen smoking a cigarette outside a bar in the central Sanita neighborhood. The killer enters the bar, where there are at least six people, then emerges and shoots Tarracino at point blank range.

When Tarracino falls on the ground, the killer finishes him off with a bullet to the head.None of the bystanders moves a finger, although it is hard to say if that is from genuine indifference or fear of retaliation.

A woman is seen rubbing off her scratch-and-win lottery card as Tarracino is killed in front of her. A cigarette-seller moves his stall a few meters down the road, while a man holding a toddler in his arms looks at the victim and walks away.

A woman counting change in her purse jumps in shock at the sound of the gunshot and turns to see the killer calmly walking away. He was even said to be smiling.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

USM Engineering student was constantly abused!

USM Engineering stidents was constantly abused by 'Charlie' and what worst is, we can't even do anything other than escaping them. Oh yes, we can smack and crush 'Charlie' but how many can you crush?

The 'Charlie' i mentioned refers to a kind of freak beetle species known as Rove Beetle. Go search at wikipedia and you'll know how majestic is this tiny creature. "Never underestimate THEM"

Below are pics of me got bitten. Guess what, Rove Beetle also known as Nike bug in USM as they will raise their toxic @$$ before they release their toxin on your skin. That looks like Nike logo..

From i realised that their toxin contain (C24 H43 O9 N) ..Whoaaa...that's a chemical! carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen..awesome blend! Racun Rojak!

Through my analysis after got bitten so many times this semester, Charlie sting you in 2 ways
1) Crawl over your skin and release their toxin
2) They inject their toxin into your skin

1) If they release toxin on your skin

2) If they inject their toxin

Yesss....They INJECT..a bit frightening..see pic below. When i saw my leg like that, first impression "Fark, macam sarang ulat" Sucks..I just can't stop cursing Charlie that time.

Their toxin was acidic, so normally USM doctor will gives us alkaline cream, which for me is totally USELESS. It doesn't heal my wound at all.

Once toxin enter our skin:

1) you'll feel itchy
2) few days later, you'll feel 'pedih'
3) 1 week later, 'nanah' will appear
4) few more weeks later, you'll recover, but it will leave you a scar!!

Look at below pics to see how the 'nanah' develop!

Let me take pic of myself stripping and you'll see the 'abused' scar all over my body..haha..Sometimes i do think, if you want to study in APEX University like USM, you have to sacrifice..and currently, i sacrificed a lot..

This semester alone, i got bitten 6 times. Friends out there, if you encounter this freaking creature, smack them hard, leave no sympathy..or you'll feel the pain...

Monday, October 12, 2009


Recently, I read an article entitled (Whatever you do, don't say 'whatever' in conversation) and i couldn't agree more on it..

Sometimes, don't you feel annoyed when your friends end the conversation with 'whatever'..I consider that rude! If you want to be a great conversationalist, whatever you do don't use the word 'whatever'...According to is the MOST ANNOYING WORD

From a survey, 50% of people questioned said "whatever" was the word that bothered them the most..Exactly like

It is the most irritating word in all regions of the country, and among both sexes, all age groups, educational levels and income brackets. So, can you imagine how bad is that word now?

Why we said it is irritating and annoying? When you think of the meaning behind it, it is often a way to dismiss someone.

I order to be a good conversationalist, the key is to always be aware of what you are saying and maybe to do a little research about which words are overused..etc-you know, anyway and it is what it is..

Learning english from mat salleh may be a good thing, but don't learn their overused words as

Friday, October 9, 2009

Worms in guava..aduh..malang

Oh My GOD..the fruits that i bought always have worms in it. The latest, the guava @ jambu batu that i just bought from Parit Buntar Friday night market was disgusting.

That's exactly the same night market where me and friends bought durians for our durians feast ( and we found a gigantic worm in the durian too.

I've been to the night market twice, bought fruits from there twice..and found worms in the fruits TWICE. Fuh...all also twice huh..

i know we can't avoid having fruits with worms, but me having it twice?..Malang la tu. haha..

This was how the guava looks when i cut it open. Their "nest"...Geli!!!!! Their nest very lembik..i know cause i press it..haha

Initially i found no worm. So I "explore" further, hoping i can find some gigantic worm as well.

and Yes!! upon exploring, there were more worms in it. I try to pick up one with the knife so that i can snap some pic...Manatau, the wind blew it away!! and i can't find it anymore. I thought they were sticky. huh..

When i look at the rotten surface, i see no worms on it. Guess i shake it..and YES!!! Worms fell onto the sink.

Straight after i snap this pics, I rush to toilet- to clean myself..haha..Who knows..the missing worm was on my body..Takut lah..later they build "nest" in my ears..or maybe my nose..ewwww

This is what left for me after i clear the part of the guava. I don't like to waste foods..part not affected by worm masih boleh makan right..haha..

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